How To Order Healthy Food At Restaurants?


How To Order Healthy Food At Restaurants?

Eating healthy does not mean that you have to put a full stop to your social life. You can still hang around with friends whilst sticking to your healthy diet. A little bit of manipulation is needed 😛 Just try to avoid the high calorie stuff on the menu and order healthy things off the menu. You can even customize your order as per your choice!


You get eggs easily (provided you are not in a pure-veg eatery 😛 ). If you can get your hands on them, there is nothing like it. They are nutritionally dense and protein rich. A perfect food for low carbers! You can ask for hard boiled eggs. This way you won’t spoil the show and also not compromise on your healthy eating goal.


pizza healthy italian food

If it is pizza party, it is very difficult to say no. Instead of making excuses, join the party! Just be careful about your order. Customize your order by asking for a thin wheat crust piled on with veggies and less cheese. Not a good deal for low carbers though! To know more about eating healthy at Domino’s and Pizza Hut click here!


If you are heading to a barbeque destination, try sticking to grilled chicken and salad with the dressing on the side. Chicken is all protein, a good bet for low carbers. Your salad dressing may be high in calories so consume it sparingly.


Taco_mexican healthy eating

You can eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant too without being called a spoil-sport. It is a little tough for those on a low carb diet but controlling calories is possible. Go in for tacos with grilled chicken fillings. You can have rice with beans ( much like our very own Rajma Chawal :P) it will fill you up as it is high in fibre. Guacamole is heart friendly but do control portions as avocado is high in calories!


You can order a burger without the bun or just remove the top bun and have an open faced sandwich with lots of tomatoes, lettuce and onion. You can replace the French fries with baked sweet potato. Again, not a good option for low carbers.


grilled veggies- ordering healthy at restaurants

Having kebabs with your gang? Don’t worry you can have grilled veggies or even grilled mushrooms. If you avoid non-veg you can save a lot of calories. You can go in for chicken though!


When in a Chinese restaurant go in for steamed chicken, shrimp or brown rice with veggies and tofu. If you want to know more read the post on eating healthy at a Chinese restaurant.


If Thai is your call, don’t panic even if you know nothing about it. Order tom yum soup. Have grilled lemongrass chicken or steamed fish. Have green papaya salad along with it.

American Brunch

Look at the spread and decide what you want to eat because there will be a huge variety. Have two main dishes and fill the rest of your plate with fresh fruits and green salad. Dressing on the side please! Filling up yourself with fresh fruits is the best thing you can do if you are into healthy eating.


If you are at an Indian restaurant you know would know what to order 😛 and what to avoid! Nevertheless, while eating non-veg, order tandoori chicken and please give the dal makhani a miss!! If on a low carb diet, give roti a miss and have more of the side dishes. Here too request for a plate of salad. Cucumber, onion, carrot with a dash of lemon would do! To know about healthy eating at South Indian restaurants click here!

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