How To Overcome Emotional Eating?

How To Overcome Emotional Eating

We all have an emotional attachment with food. When we are happy, we want something nice to eat and when we are sad, we need something nicer to eat. Food is fuel for body, or is it much more than that?

I think food is much much more than a mere fuel. Although, it depends on person to person. Foodies like me want always want to eat nice, although the term ‘nice’ is subjective to a lot of factors.

Until last year, my happiness brought ice cream and gloomiess brought pizza and/or pasta to my table. My eating habits depended on my emotions or state of mind and soul. Most of the time I had no control over my emotions and thereafter, no control over food too.

emotional eating weight loss

Finally after a lot of struggle in the past year, I am done with food addiction and overcame emotional eating. Let me share a few cents!

How To Overcome Emotional Eating

how to stop emotional eating

Focus on feelings, not on food

Many people would agree that eating junk makes them feel better, thanks to the hormone that is secreted when you eat carbs. It makes you feel all goody goody and you for a while believe that you can conquer the world. This high is very soon followed by a downfall in your dynasty. How do you feel after a few hours of emotional eating ? Many would feel guilty and most of us would pledge not to repeat the mistake which of course gets repeated in a matter of a few hours or days.

The key to understand your feelings is stop relating feelings with food. Understand that the food that you indulge in, is not the reason of your happiness or unhappiness.Hence, your food cannot make you feel better. You actions certainly can improve your situation.

Get used to portion control

When you tummy shrinks and you get used to a certain quantity of food, you just cant eat more. Even if your senses are just not in control, your tummy will be your savior which wont be able to accommodate it all. A few fantastic posts on portion control here and here.

Accept yourself

Make peace with your life, your weight, your height, your complexion… accept yourself the way you are. When you think good, everything happens for good. Read a book called “The Secret” or watch the documentary on youtube. It describes how optimism and positive thoughts work for good.

Eat with hand if possible

Eating with hands is healthy, it makes you touch food and you feel the bliss of getting nourished. A wonderful post describing the benefits of eating with hand here.

Enjoy Your Meals

Eat slow. When you eat , pay attention to your food. Let your brain register that you are fed and satiated.

What other tips have worked for you to overcome emotional eating ? Share with us.

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