How To Party When On Paleo/LCHF Diet


How To Party When On Paleo/LCHF Diet

Heya People,

In the days to come, I am going to bore you a lot with what I have been lately doing and you will have no option but to read πŸ˜› , lol. Jokes apart, I have been experimenting a lot with my lifestyle.

Are you a kind of person who does not want to disclose that you are dieting or trying to lose weight ?

Are you veryΒ outgoingΒ and don’t wana compromise your social life ? You dont want to miss eat outs, movie plans n caramel popcorn , dining out with friends and family ?

Are you someone who wants to diet as well as enjoy food and life both ?

If yes, well you are so like me , hi 5 πŸ™‚ . Although I tell everyone that I am dieting and trying to lose weight, its an occupational hazard of being a weight loss blogger πŸ˜› . But yes, I do not like to say no to all the yummy foods my friends offer me while partying. I am not at all a difficult person and I hate sounding like one. So I figure out my way of partying while doing Low Carb/Paleo πŸ˜€ .

Low To Party When On Paleo/LCHF Diet

how to party when on paleo lchf

During weekend, I did a Barbecue party with my friends πŸ™‚ . Β My friends boozed, had chips and burgers, ate whatever they wanted, Grrrrrrrhh*(&(*^%$&%$&(*(^%*% Β (my curses πŸ˜› ) . I had paneer tikka and vegetable tikkis. Ok to be honest, I had one burger with vegetable tikki although I threw one portion of the bread πŸ˜› (like kids do..they eat the delicious thing and throw away the rest ).

Food for Barbecue Party

how to party when on paleo lchf1

Non veggies can practically grill anything from chicken, fish, pork to bacon. We had got chicken and fish but my friends were so full with chicken that fish had to wait. Veggies can have paneer tikka and vegetable tikkis. Grilling capsicum, mini potatoes, mushrooms etc also is an option but for that, you need barbecue sticks.You need to marinate chicken and paneer for tikkas. You can get buns for making burgers too, although that’s a bad idea if you are dieting.

How to marinate chicken and paneer for Barbecue

1. Wash boneless chicken.
2. Add curd as per quantity of chicken and paneer. Its better to marinate chicken and paneer separately since some people could be strictly vegetarian.
3. Add spices – salt, pepper, kitchen king/garam masala, red chilli powder and mix.
4. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Overnight marination gives the best taste.
5. 1 hour before barbecue, pull out the stuff from fridge.

Make sure that spices are on higher since when you barbecue, quite some flavor just burns away.

If you like the taste of barbeque sauce, you can also grind ginger, garlic, onion and add barbecue sauce. This mixture along with spices goes with curd for marination. We did not use barbecue sauce.

DrinksΒ for Barbecue Party

Diet coke and lemon water with crushed ice are apt drinks. If you have to have hard drink, have a small vodka peg with diet coke. Although vodka is low carb, if you are in ketosis, vodka may kick you out of ketosis, so take your call accordingly.


Play some music and for a change from gossiping, shake your legs and booty for sometime πŸ˜€ . Dancing will bring fun in the party and you will burn what you are eating πŸ™‚

Hope this will help you plan a healthy barbecue party over the upcoming weekend πŸ™‚ .

If you have ideas of a healthy party, share with us πŸ™‚


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  1. interesting indeed…!
    i love my vodka shots…! but my efficiency has decreased over time.. and these days I stick to one or max two glass of wine..! thats’ also rare occasion..


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