How To Pick The Healthiest Seasonal Seafood?


How To Pick The Healthiest Seasonal Seafood?

Like various seasonal fruits and veggies, there are various seasonal sea foods too. Especially during the migration season, you will get sea foods at their best and freshest state. Eating sea food is indeed a smart choice to boost one’s health and fitness but you must know when and how to eat it fresh. Preserving its freshness is a real challenge too because once sea-food becomes an-off season stuff you’ll mostly get it frozen which could definitely decrease its nutritional value plus the quality level.

Also you must know the tricks to pick the right sea food and it is truly a task quite daunting with so many options out there. There is often a high risk of mercury and PCB Contamination in sea foods which might adversely affect your health. So whether you are opting for an off-season sea food or in-season sea food, you must consider the following advises

  • Try to eat lower from the food chain

Smaller fishes are higher in food value because the level of mercury is low in them. Great choices for small seasonal sea foods are squid, oysters, sardines, mussels and mackerel.

  • Avoid Frozen Fishes

Sardines-cannedEat fresh but not frozen. Frozen seafood is no doubt poor in quality or will not taste as great as fresh sea food. The additives or preservatives used on frozen sea food leaves a harmful impact on your health. Fresh seafood on the other hand hardly needs any additive or preservative. When you are buying seafood, you can easily recognize frozen ones by certain signs. Frozen seafood will usually have a fishy odor that is very strong while fresh catches will have briny saline water smell. Secondly when you are eating seafood, you can easily recognize frozen ones by their taste; frozen seafood will taste mushy or bland.

  • Shop it from trusted retailers

kerala sea food
If you want quality seasonal sea food, best decision is to shop it from a trusted retailer. Every shop owner is cautious about their good will but some are not aware of it and sell things at a very low price form the market and their products too are poor in quality. So avoid those kind of retailers, and opt for reputed retailers to buy your seasonal fishes.

  • Knowing the catching process

sea food fishing kit
Before taking the favorite sea food for the dinner, it is one of the most important things to know the fishing process. Hook and line is a good process because it does not harm the sea floor and makes no damage on the creature. At the same time the fisherman can throw the unwanted species back into the water. Besides this, the designed traps are another very good process which allows young fishes to escape.

  • Grab the local and wild

sea food 1A fish caught is far better and healthy than a fish that has remained in a farm. The nature always gives you guarantee of its being fresh. Try to choose the local variety rather than opting for the one that is brought from different parts of the country. When it is transported it needs to be frozen to avoid the decay.

  • Trusted quality

Check for the label to know it is certified. In this process the fishes are preserved well to ensure freshness. Take a closer look to the fish and examine it. The gills should be red rather than brown, and the eyes should be clear. The texture of its body should be bouncy. Do not ever buy a fish that has a strong odor. Saltwater fishes smell salty. You will know it once you hold it.

Now you know how to pick the healthiest seasonal seafood?

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