How To Practice Candle Meditation?


How To Practice Candle Meditation?

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As the name reveals, candle meditation is done by gazing at the flame of a candle.

Certain people are not able to concentrate properly when they chant the mantra. For such people this type of meditation is easier as they are capable of letting go of thoughts by concentrating on a physical thing. While it is good for some people, a few others find it a little challenging. Focusing on a candle and keeping eyes open without blinking or watering is not easy. But it is possible to master this kind of open-eyed meditation gradually.

How to practice candle meditation

The candle meditation is a great way of improving one’s concentration skills. If you practice it properly, it can help you enter a deep state of meditation.

How to Practice Candle Meditation?

To know how to do this meditation, read on!


You need to prepare the proper atmosphere to do candle meditation. Before lighting the candle you have to turn off the lights or draw the curtains of the room. It is easier to do this meditation in a room that is not to bright. This will avoid eye strain too. You have to make sure that the room is dimly lit and the temperature inside makes you feel comfortable.

Lighting the candle and taking position

Light the candle at place it at a position such that it is at eye level or a little below it. It is alright to look down slightly at the candle. Make sure that your head isn’t tilted too far and your body is not slouching.

As to your sitting posture, it is important to maintain a comfortable posture (upright) that feels natural. You can be seated on a chair or cross legged on the floor. Ensure that the candle is at least 50 cm away from where you are positioned. Otherwise, it will be too bright.

How to practice candle meditation 2

Beginning the meditation

Stare at the candle and let the image of the candle flame occupy the mind. Initially, your mind will wander and your eyes will not be ready to be still. This is perfectly normal and it reduce when the meditation progresses. If it happens to initially, don’t bother. You may find your eyes watering a bit. This is also normal and will eventually fade. Such distraction can arise. What you should do is to go back at concentrating at the flame.

You can deepen the candle meditation by imagining that you are breathing in and breathing out the candle light. To do this, there is no need to perform complex visualization techniques, keeping your eyes fixed on the candle flame is enough.

Start feeling that the light of the candle is flowing into you when you breathe in and breathe out. By absorbing yourself in the candle meditation, you will feel a sense of purity and clarity in your mind and body.

Entering deeper stages

While going deep into the candle meditation, something special happens. Let me elucidate exactly what happens,

You are able to see because the optic nerves in your eyes are sending signals to the brain and brain processes these signals. When you do candle meditation, the brain stops processing such signals. It may sound unbelievable but it is completely natural, safe and a very serene experience.

What happens is as follows:

Your eyes are fixed on the image of the flame and since they are not moving, no new information is received by the brain to process. You will feel areas of peripheral vision beginning to fade away completely. Slowly everything else will fade away till you are not visually aware of anything but the flame. This experience is amazing. Your eyes are wide open but all you see is the small flame in front of you. You may feel as if there is no distance between the flame and yourself. It may seem as if you have become one with the flame.

For you to sense this, both mental and physical stillness are needed. When you move your eyes around, you will be able to see the room again.

After completion of this meditation, close your eyes and lie down for a period of 5 minutes so that your body and mind come back to Earth.

Ready to practice candle meditation?

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