How To Prepare Yourself For Marathon?

A Beginner's Guide to Running

How To Prepare Yourself For Marathon?

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I hope you all are doing good! Its been a while I shared anything recently with you all. Due to my foot injury, its hard to keep up with my gym activity. I am missing all the adrenaline rush after an intense workout session!

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As the professional runners gear up for the upcoming Marathon event, I thought to share some of the tips which first time runners would need. I took part in the 10km running challenge last year and so here is my share of experience which will certainly be of some help for all those who are looking forward to the Marathon event this month!

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Running around the jogger’s park and running a Marathon are two different things! Marathon running certainly requires a lot of practice sessions and building up the stamina to sustain the energy level in the body!

A marathon in a long distance of 26.2 miles and is itself a challenge to complete the distance in a stipulated time! However, with right practice and training you will surely be able to cope up with the rigorous amount of strain it puts on your entire body!

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If you are someone who likes to run and always look forward to such events, there here are some of the best needed tips you need to understand.

Set Achievable Limits-

It is very important for the runner to set personal and achievable limits for running a particular distance in a fixed timing. This step will first ease you out from the pressures of running the mighty distance of 26.2 miles. Break down the entire distance of the marathon into segments as per your stamina and running speed and think of each lap as your run for the finish line. This will surely push you to complete the whole Marathon.

Building Speed-

If you plan to run a marathon then you have to be certain to train your body for the excess strain on the body and that will begin with being habitual to long distance running and building speed while running without being exhausted. Always make sure that each day you do better than yesterday and always increase you speed gradually to let the body adjust to the amount of intense physical activity you are engaging in!

Never Skip Practice-

Practice makes a man perfect and there is no denying in that. Practice is what is going to take you to the finish line of the marathon. In case of emergency, make sure that you at least practice for a lap as something is surely better than nothing! In case you have an injury, do not practice until you have your physician’s nod because in case of internal injury which may look small, the condition can worsen if not overlooked properly so sit back and make sure to recover before going for a run which may just intensify the injury!

Ample Rest-

Running a marathon is not like you have to run all along, sometimes when you don’t feel like running you may switch some other interesting physical activity so that you are not bored and will feel more energized and motivated for the run. Do make it a habit to take ample rest after each training session of running the marathon as you body needs to recover and replenish itself for making it a better experience for you for the run!

Train your running at different places-

Running and training at different locations like a beach or race track will not only make your running session interesting but will train you in the best possible way so that when you are actually running on the Marathon track it feels much easier for your body and you can sustain the long distance without being exhausted.

Hope these tips will prove helpful in the process of preparing yourself for the upcoming Marathon and you do well with your individual score in the marathon!

How do you prepare for a marathon?

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