How To Prevent Yourself From Catching A Cold?

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How To Prevent Yourself From Catching A Cold?

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Sneezes and tickling sensations in your throat all direct to one direction and that is- you are about to get a cold. Cold is considered to be a minor illness but all of us know how annoying it is! Isn’t it? The flu season is here and you have more chances of landing up with a bad cold. No, I am not trying to scare you 😛 Here are some tips that will help you in protecting yourself from a cold:

1) Wash your hands more often

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Right from your mobile phone and laptop to the lift buttons and door knobs, everything is loaded with germs. Don’t know how many hands touch the things that are meant for public use 😛 ! Though your immune system leaves no stone unturned in fighting these germs, you can make its job a bit easier by washing your hands more often in order to reduce the number of germs it has to fight!

2) Keep hands away from the face

If you touch your nose and eyes with hands carrying germs can make you more likely to fall ill. In a Japanese study, it was found that people who occasionally touched their eyes or nose had 41% more chances of getting respiratory tract infection than those who did not. So, keep your hands away from your face!

3) Stay away from sick people

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This is not possible if your baby or spouse is sick but if it is your colleague or friend, it is possible for you to stay as far from them as possible. But in your enthusiasm to protect yourself from an infected person, don’t forget that you need to be polite with them. Don’t bluntly ask to stay away as it may hurt their feelings.

4) Workout and preferably do Yoga

When you workout, your stress levels drop and your brain releases hormones that naturally boost your immunity. Of all kinds of exercises, yoga is the best in order to boost immunity. However, if you have already caught cold there is no point in exercising. The damage is already done and exercising will only make you feel tired.

5) Consume a lot of fluids

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Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking water. You can also have smoothies and juices. But in cold weather it is tea or coffee that is more preferred than cold beverages. You can try having warm herbal teas or green tea several times in a day.

6) Get sufficient sleep

Not getting sufficient sleep even for a night can cause a lot of damage to your body’s immunity. If you happen to feel kind of sniffy but are able to a good sleep of 8 to 9 hours, there are chances that you might wake up fine. However, if you don’t get enough sleep, you are bound to wake up with a cold.

7) Increase vitamin and protein intake

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Vitamins are known to boost your immunity, so you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. To get vitamin C, you can depend on citrus fruits as they are packed with the vitamin. Vitamin C boosts your immunity. Lack of protein in your diet can also affect immunity, so try eating more of protein in order to protect yourself from infection.

8) Stay away from alcohol and cigarette

If you want to stay alright you need to say a big no to smoking and drinking. Studies reveal that smokers get colds more frequently than those who don’t smoke. This is because the chemicals in the smoke affect immunity. Alcohol is also known to affect your immunity. So, avoid both drinking and smoking.

Stay safe in this season of flus!



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