How To Reduce Belly Fat ?


How To Reduce Belly Fat ?

Hi Fellas,

As we all know there are many ways to lose your belly fat but some of them are dangerous and some are ineffective. So be careful before trying any workout or exercise to detract your belly fat.

how to reduce belly fat

To reduce your belly fat you must have patience there is no “Magic wand” which can reduce belly fat instantly. But there are some tricks and exercise if you do regular than you can reduce your belly fat quickly.

If you can’t reduce your belly fat, it means you are doing wrong workout. I asked many people what they do to reduce belly fat “I got answer like doing 100 sit-ups, crunch exercise, cutting calories, more cardio etc”. Is this the right way to reduce belly fat? People have some misconception about belly fat exercise called “Spot Exercise”.

Spot exercise helps to build muscles in specific part of body. If you have any fat in that body part it will be less effective on it. Sit ups, Crunches and many other belly exercise are helpful to build muscles and are very less effective on fat.

Here I am explaining some best way to reduce belly fat fast and in natural way.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

An old saying is very famous “ abs are built in kitchen”.  Means healthy diet is key factor of healthy life. You can do hard exercise and build your muscular abs but if you eat junk food all day than you never lose your belly fat. So try to eat unprocessed food instead of eating processed food.

Keep fiber rich food in your diet, consume adequate water every day and regularly, remember water is very essential for digestion. Many researcher said without removing processed food you can’t lose your belly fat. Eat right food on right time. This is main key to live healthy. Following foods can be present in your diet.


broccoli, salad, cabbage, spinach, green veggies

Fresh Fruits:

Apple, Banana, Orange, Pineapple etc.


For vegetarian people( Cheese, Pulses, rice etc.) for Non-veg (Chicken, Meat, Fish, etc..)


Fish oil, Flax seeds, Olive oil etc…


Oats, Brown Rice, Whole grain eatables etc…

Forget about Crunch Exercise



As I said above there are some misconception among people about crunch it does not burn your belly fat, it helps only to build muscles. So if you are doing daily 200-300 crunch so you are wasting your time. There are more way to reduce belly fat. Indulge in some light exercises, Gym is important but focusing on one body part can bring in uneven shape and may not give the desired results.

Build Stamina

Strength exercise build your muscle mass, and it prevent you to lose your muscle and also helps in burning unnecessary fat accumulated in body. You can do exercise which gives you strength again these exercise don’t burn your belly fat it helps only to strengthen you to lose fat and make you strong.

Cut down alcohol and other beverages

Like your eating habit is important to reduce belly fat in same way your drinking habit is most important. You can drink but not regularly you can have 10% alcohol in your beverage. Other time you can drink water, lemon juice with water, green tea and other healthy and natural beverages but not soda. It include more calories in soda, coffee and alcohol. Avoid flavored juices and other sugary beverages.

Eat Less Carbohydrates

Carb gives you energy and your body will store of excess carb and it becomes fat in your body. You need not to store energy in your body eat as much as you required for energy. If you are very skinny than you can eat veggie and fruit with each meal to put on weight. Avoid eating deep fried dishes, and include fiber rich food like cucumber in your diet.

Maintain Muscles

If you don’t eat food properly and make yourself starve than your body use your muscle for energy and it becomes you more skinny and fatty in some area of your body.

Morning Walk

Morning walk keeps your body and mind together, it brings better coordination between the two, It gives  kick start for the day, encourages you to do more physical activities, freshen up your mind, helps in circulating blood properly in your body.

In nutshell to lose belly fat it is important to adopt a healthy life style with balanced food and regular exercise of complete body.

Have you ever tried any other way to reduce belly fat?