How To Reduce Muffin Top


How To Reduce Muffin Top


I received an FB message from a lady asking “How To Reduce Muffin Top” ? I know what muffin is .. but muffin top is not in my vocabulary ! Emmm, I accept openly that I was bowled over by the question a few months back 😀

Google came to my rescue and showed me the correct path.. err piccy ! I understood what muffin top is and why is it called so ! Muffin top is when you have fat on your lower and/or upper abdomen, so much so that you think that your jeans fit you ! But people seem to feel otherwise…. that your erupting out of your jeans like a Muffin ! Look at the below pic-

How To Reduce Muffin Top

Muffin Top is nothing but Belly/Stomach/Abdominal obesity ! Since the lady repeated her question and pinged me again, I could not resist and thought I will try to put more pointers to help her and a lot others. Please read the post here – How to prevent abdominal obesity .

Abs are made in Kitchen, I don’t doubt it ever ! But exercise is like icing on the cake. If you think you are too old and feel tired to workout, please start to walk. We have done so many posts for all ladies in their 30’s or 40’s who want to gain their health back. Search our blogs to find the best of the best.

Watch out your carbs and eat local

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