How To Reduce Roti Intake For Weight Loss?


How To Reduce Roti Intake For Weight Loss?

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Happy Saturday. Saturdays are the most amazing days, isn’t 😀  ? What are your plans for the weekend?  It has been long I did not watch a movie, looking forward to a good release.

If you read my posts on a regular basis (although IWB has better writers than me), you would know that I avoid eating rotis like a plague. But hello, restricting rotis was never in my genes. I am born in a Punjabi family and for us, breakfast means parantha, lunch means roti and dinner also means roti. I remember eating as much as 6-8 rotis a day, now I can’t hit that number in a week! What to do, losing weight and tying to eat as healthy as possible is my only commitment to myself.

So now I am in a very good position to let you know How To Reduce Roti Intake For Weight Loss 😀 . Let’s begin –

How To Reduce Roti Intake For Weight Loss?

the tale of 2 rotis

Have salad followed by a glass of water before every meal

This trick always works. Eating fibre fills up your tummy and helps you to eat less in your main meal. If you eat 2rotis, this may help you to reduce to 1.5 rotis with immediate effect.

Reduce the size of “peda” – the round dough ball

This is a trick to fool yourself that you are eating the same number of rotis 😀 . Just reduce the size of dough ball, if you think you would yearn for more on cutting 1-2 rotis. This way number of rotis that you eat remain the same, but the amount of wheat that you intake is half that you did previously.

Eat in colored plates

Some researches confirm that eating in colored plates tend to affect your appetite and make you eat less. I am not sure if it works. You could give this a try. I usually put the same amount of serving in my plate that I usually eat, no matter how hungry I am. I don’t eat when I am not hungry anyways.

Mix healthier grains in wheat flour

Low Carb Indian Roti (1)

You can add besan, rahi, oats, jowar in wheat flour and kneed this mix flour to make dough. Adding ragi and besan makes the roti a little hard, although its soft enough when its fresh. Check out my go to low carb roti recipe here. If I carry 1 small roti to office, I can’t carry wheat ragi roti because it becomes too hard to eat after a few hours. So nowadays, I have started mixing oats in wheat flour. Wheat oats rotis are very soft even after a few hours after being made.

Mix flax seeds or greens in wheat flour

If you don’t like the taste of any other grains except wheat, start mixing seeds like flax seeds in the flour. You can also add greens like methi or palak with a pinch of salt. Don’t mix just a handful of greens in wheat flour. Instead, use as much wheat flour required to bind the greens to hold them together. Methi roti should be green in color, this shows that the amount of methi is way more than the wheat. Mission accomplished 😀

I hope you all will benefit from these tips to reduce your roti intake. Good luck!

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