How to select the best running shoes in seven steps?


How to select the best running shoes in seven steps

Hii all,

Well,you might be aware that I am extremely fond of running, and the most important thing in running is 1st investing your time and 2nd investing on a good pair of shoes.

running shoesIn the start I always assumed buying shoes involves the best and most expensive shoes of the top brands, however now being part of a professional running group I came to know that for 2 years of my running life I have been wearing wrong shoes, imagine my despair I had paid a bomb, and had bought 2 shoes very lately.

Nevertheless, that made me question them what shoes is the right shoes for me?

After checking with many professional runners and my coaches they strongly suggested that following factors must be considered in buying running shoes.

1.  Know Your Running Profile

Running ProfileYou need to 1st understand what your running type is, Are you a jogger or a runner? Do you run 15 miles a week or 25? Do you run on trails, asphalt, or a treadmill?

Also it’s very important to understand your body type if you weigh more you would need more cushioning to avoid impact on knees.

 2.  Know Your Arch

running shoes arch

Get to know your arch, If a person has really flat feet, they’re going to need more of a stability shoe but with a higher arch, they’ll need more of a curved shoe. Many stores that sell running shoes will give you a “wet test, that is, they moisten the bottom of your foot and have you make an imprint on a sidewalk or dark piece of paper to determine the size of your arch

 3.  Identify Your Running Style

Running shoes figures

This is extremely important in long run, as a wrong shoes can lead to injury, it’s now that I came to that my foot tends to over-pronate, which means while running I pronate towards the inside of the feet.

4.  Get Measured

running shoes measurementsFeet actually change as we age, As adults we rarely have our foot measured because we just assume we know our size, Also People assume that a size is a size—that an 8 in a Nike will be the same as an 8 in Asics. But sizes differ because of different lasts (foot forms), the different shape of the upper, and the way the shoe is stitched together. Have your feet measured every time you buy, and always try the shoes on for fit.

5.  Shopping at the right time of day

Lot of times people come in the morning and say, This is the shoe I need. Then they’ll come back the next day and say, ‘I wore them at 5 p.m. and they were too small. Your feet start swelling in the morning and they don’t stop until about 4 p.m. That’s as big as they’re going to get, so always buy your shoes in the evening.

6.  Choose wisely

Be prepared to invest. Shoes will last 500-800 kms, so it is worth spending more to get a decent pair, rather than opting for the bargain bin!

7.  Google for your options

Once you know your arch type and the pronation level, Google for options available for such type in various brands, so you can have your preferences sorted.

So these are the basic seven steps to be followed to select the best shoes for your feet and I hope you will not make mistakes like I did.

Happy running. J

Hope you will be able to select the best running shoes following these seven steps.

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