How To Start Enjoying Your Workout Instead of Hating It?


How To Start Enjoying Your Workout Instead of Hating It?

Hola Everyone,

Thank you for reading my posts, I am here to bore you again 😛 . Some of the highly observant people would have observed that most of my posts revolve around food not workout. It could be because I am a foodie or because I believe abs are made in kitchen not gym. One of the main reason of not posting about workouts is because I hate to workout. Yes I cross my heart and accept that I actually hate working out. I need to be dragged to the gym and someone needs to boss me up, give instructions to workout.

Before you start figuring out How To Start Enjoying Your Workout Instead of Hating It, you need to know why you hate working out. I have two genuine reasons – I get bored easily with same kind of activity and I have hypothyroid which is in a bad shape right now. I am fatigued by evening and since I know it is extremely difficult to lose weight with hypothyroid, I fall short of motivation sometimes. I pondered on both my reasons of hating to work out and found out solutions to them. Will explain the solutions later but let me give you a few tips first.

How To Start Enjoying Your Workout Instead of Hating It?

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If you have joined a gym, find a workout partner. It helps you in overcoming low motivation; you will be more regular to the gym.

If you are a runner, invest in a good music gadget. Let me take my words back. Invest in a good music gadget, no matter what!! I absolutely love my iPod. I have a small one- iPod nano which I can clip on my tee and workout.

If you are a sports fanatic, play what you like. Tennis, squash, football, badminton are some of the very common games that can literally melt body fat.

If you are not a runner, don’t want to go to gym, don’t like sports – pick up any hobby that you like. It could be anything from dancing on Bollywood songs to Zumba to swimming. The idea is to get you bu** moving, that’s all!

If none of the above works for you, get a personal trainer. It’s like you hire someone to torture you lol. Your truly is obviously the hardest nut to crack and hence I have got a personal trainer for myself who can bash me everyday. This is the solution to my problems that I mentioned earlier. In the past,. I have never been able to workout for an hour before! Since I have a maddening life, I could only squeeze half an hour, maximum 40 mins for a quick HIIT. It does okay if you need to maintain weight or tone up or lose a bit assuming you have no health issue. But since thyroid is such a devil, I literally need to slog to be healthy again. Now I workout for one hour flat with my trainer! I hated it for the first month, now I look forward to it. Credits to my falling dress sizes!

I hope these tips will help you to enjoy working out! If you have questions, please leave your comments below!



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