How To Stay Cheerful This Winter?


How To Stay Cheerful This Winter?

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So, there has been a sudden dip in the temperature in North India with hailstorms. All this directs to one direction and that is chilling breezes are here! Winter time people!! So, is it all going to be about grey skies and crabby moods? Nope, here is how to stay cheerful this winter!

Revamp your workout

winter workout the best

With temperatures dropping, it is quite difficult to make it to the gym. However, you must muster enough courage because exercise can boost and uplift your mod during this otherwise gloomy season.

You can give yourself a reward at the end of every successful exercise session. Write down your exercise schedule at the start of the week and make sure you keep variety in it. On completing it, you can then reward yourself with a mani-pedi.

Eat right

salmon for good skin

You need to ignore the call of sugary and processed junk food. Consuming refined carbs and high amounts of sugar can prove disastrous to your blood sugar levels. It can leave you pretty cranky! Try consuming foods that have mood-boosting nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, healthy carbs like whole grains and veggies, protein and B vitamins.

For breakfast you can have oatmeal as it contains whole grains rich in fibre that increase the feel good hormone serotonin in the b rain. It also steadies the level of your blood sugar. Do include omega-3 rich fatty fish in your lunch or dinner. Vegetarians can get omega-3 from flax seeds.

Hang around with your friends

ways to ward off winter laziness- friends chatting

Winter is the season when bears hibernate but we are humans and are not meant to hide in a den all winter long! Socializing is a great way of boosting your mood. Instead of waiting for spring to come, spend some time with your friends or near and dear ones. It can be grabbing a quick snack with your colleague or meeting your friend at the gym. Have some get-togethers, invite friends over for a dance workout party.

Dress up for the season

How To Keep Fit And Sexy During Winters

Hey, it is the time of the year to show off your winter collection. Get out all the bright and beautiful sweaters, mufflers and shawls you own. Staying warm is a great way of feeling merry. So, your warm clothes cannot just protect you from the cold but also make you feel good about yourself. Invest in some body warmers if you want to avoid looking like an Eskimo, there is a huge variety of body warmers to choose from; you must be seeing their ads on TV these days! Protect yourself well from the cold waves if you don’t want to fall ill.

Try basking in the sun


The body is known to produce vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. It is known to regulate your mood. In India there is ample sunshine so getting vitamin D should not be a problem. However, there was a shocking survey that said most Indian are deficient in vitamin D. Check the post out here!

Sunlight, in general, is said to increase the levels of serotonin and it works in suppressing melatonin, which is chemical that makes you feel drowsy. So, whenever the sun shines on, try to stay outdoors.

So don’t lose out on your happiness this season. It may be dark and gloomy but the spring is not far behind! With that poetic note, I am signing off!

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