How To Stay Positive When Things Are Against You?


How To Stay Positive When Things Are Against You

Junella, a close friend was going through a very rough patch in life last year. Everything seemed to be deep in the abyss for her. At work she had an annoying boss who just wasn’t happy with her performance, at home her parents constantly nagged her about ‘marriage’ and why she needed to be ‘slim’ to find the ‘right guy’. With plenty of hardships and a closeted break-off with one of her colleagues, Junella wanted to run away from life. It seemed, waking up every morning was a chore; one that she was afraid to face. In the process; she gave up on socializing, while her friends kept calling her over, not giving up on Junella. But, there is a time and place for everything, and as they say “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, so rise up and shine – the world needs you!

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“Life sucks”

This is an expression often used by many; which makes me wonder if people have ever found themselves or not? I am sure, most of you would have had the ‘lows’ in life too, just like Junella did. Today I write this to tell you even a 34 year old author like me has faced the same. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me there is, and only you would see the light – no psychic, no astrologer – no mystic and no glossy celebrity magazines can show you how. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, encourage you and believe in you – not the dull and negative heads, who say otherwise.

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So this is what Junella and I did

When you have to ‘let go’, do so – this would help ‘rewire’ the brain and wouldn’t allow the ‘superior force of negativity’ to take precedence over the ‘positive and fabulous spirit’ you house within.

Step 1

Make a list of three positive things you like about yourself and your life – do this every day. Maybe three things that made you smile today – why they happened- it could be just about anything. I found a lovely compliment early this morning on Facebook, left behind by an ex-colleague, it brightened up my morning. An old school friend whatsapped me a lovely good morning wish, bless him – I smiled sipping my coffee. And of course, I jog for an hour every morning- to my delight I had puppies on the road playing with me.

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Step 2

Celebrate life and the ‘small wins’ – we are too often lost in the ‘making it big’ rigmarole, and when we fail, we get too harsh on ourselves – stop doing that. It is you who can motivate ‘YOU’; no one else can do that. Keep a journal of the day’s happenings if need be – and treat it as a bank. Only put in happy stuff that came through throughout the day – before you sleep, read the happy stuff and smile. Remember, your thoughts make who you are!

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Step 3

Take a minute to thank someone everyday- maybe a friend, a family member, a colleague at work, and do not forget to THANK YOURSELF too. A ‘shout out’ every morning; is an absolute good way to begin the day. You get a ‘positive shout out back’ and believe me you would want to dwell in that blessing.

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Step 4

Rewire your mind’– I cannot stress enough on this point. Pay attention to the ‘present’ and do not judge what you encounter, hear or see. I know this is easier said than done, but hey, try making an effort. When you open your heart and mind, sans fears, you would bring back positivity and balance in life.

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Sometimes even meditation and positive thinking doesn’t help for some cases- I would sincerely ask you to find a counsellor and speak to one if you feel the situation is ‘uncontrollable’ and needs help. I am not a certified counsellor or psychiatrist, but a layman like most of you reading this post. The expert’s advice on counselling and medication for psychological needs would take precedence over what is written here.

Stay healthy and love yourself dear heart; if you don’t do it for yourself, the world wouldn’t believe in you!

Hope you liked the tips on how to stay positive when things are against you.

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