How To Stay Young Forever


How to stay young forever Hello All!! If there was something called an eternal youth potion we would have all gone in search of it! To stay young forever you need not search for any such magic potion. The power to stay young lies within you!

 How To Stay Young Forever

happy-woman-food fear Here I am jotting down some points that are helpful in keeping you young:

Lose excess weight

See, we always tell you to lose weight and now you know why! If you are overweight you have the risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and cancer like diseases. Also 12 precious years of your life can be lost. At the same time you should not be underweight as it would affect your immunity and may lead to osteoporosis. It is essential to maintain a weight that is ideal for your height.

Avoid the alcohol

Consuming excess alcohol can hurt your organs and make your immune system weak. Risk of cancer also increases. Keep the alcohol within limits.

Keep your stress at bay

meditation-for fitness Staying in a stressful environment for long can cause aging. Do you know that office-related tension can harm the DNA in our cells and affect our life span? Never thought that way, right? Stress will be there, you need to work towards removing it from your life. Try meditation, yoga or anything that relaxes you. It is essential to bust the stress.

Keep learning

They say if you stop learning, you stop growing. Learning has an impact on your life span. You will be more aware about leading a healthy lifestyle.


Having friends is considered to be valuable. I am not talking about your friends on Facebook though 😛 If you have people to connect with it will definitely have a positive effect on your life. People with lots of friends live 22 percent longer than people with a smaller social circle. Having a life partner is also considered to be good; it has been found that married people are less likely to die of heart trouble.

Extend a helping hand

There have always been people around us who are too eager to help out others. Do you know that this volunteering of theirs is a factor that lowers the risk of dying? Studies show that helping your near and dear ones can lower blood pressure. So the next time if someone asks for help, do extend a helping hand.

Work out regularly

373316-gym 3 days of cardio and two days of weight training can slow down the aging process. A doctor said that being physically active is equivalent to keeping your car engine in fine condition. After all your body is the temple of your soul and you should be taking good care of it. If you have not been active till date it is time you get active.

Give up smoking

If you smoke even one cigarette a day you will lose 15 years from your lifespan. Simple. The harm is already done but if you kick the habit now in one year you can reduce your cardiovascular health risk in half and after 15 years the risk will be equal to that of a non-smoker.

Enjoy your coffee

Regular coffee drinking protects against a lot of severe diseases like cancer and diabetes. Consuming coffee is known to lower the risk of heart disease.

Sleep better

importance of sleep for health Less sleeping, say less than 6 hours a day can affect the body’s metabolism and immunity in a negative manner that can lead to anything between obesity to heart disease. Make it a point to sleep well at night, if you can’t consult a doctor.

Eat healthy

What you eat matters a lot. Eat lot of colourful fruits, veggies and other healthy food. Reduce you intake of simple carbs. Most importantly, eat a well balanced diet that contains a wide variety of nutrients. Stay healthy and live longer!

Ready to stay young forever!!

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