How To Stick To New Year Resolutions?


2015IWB wishes everyone a very Happy New Year.

May we all grow together from strength to strength.

New Year Resolutions and Sticking To themHow To Stick To New Year Resolutions

Happy new year Guys!!

This year just went by, didn’t even realize that 2014 was about to end. So the last days of December 2014 made me think of the plans I made on 1st January 2014. It brought a smile to my face, the hardcore will, to make a resolution and stick to it and the whole planning and the oohs and the ahh! It was all very dramatic! It would have made Ekta Kapoor proud :p

Obviously it just fizzled out within a month, back to my old self, the same life, same routine, same treats… You get the point!

But this year, I have done my research about how to stick to my plans and make my dream come true (An Indian cannot live without the filmy dialogues… hehe) I want to lose at least 20 kilos this year. Of course it’s difficult, that’s why you need a plan, my mom is of the opinion I can’t do it, it’s too steep a deal. Challenge accepted mom, am going to own 2015! And for those of you who have made resolutions and want to stick to them, read on… this is a cheat sheet!

Please be realistic:

I know you want to lose weight or gain weight, but just be realistic with your ideas. Like when I say I want to lose 20 Kgs in a year, it’s difficult but doable, but, if I say I want to lose 20 kgs in 4 months. Nah, it’s never going to happen, at least not the healthy way. So just know what you are aiming for, re-assure with yourself if you can do it. Don’t go overboard with I will lose all my 50 kgs weight in 6 months or am going to do 100 lunges in a month. Be practical.

New Year Resolutions andSticking To themWrite it down:

Writing down your goal makes it more realistic. As long it stays in your head it’s going to be there with you and one day your mind will get better of you and you will forget about it, it’s very basic human tendency, don’t be ashamed. So pen it down, stick it somewhere you can see it, like your cupboard, better still the fridge, the kitchen is where we store all our goodies and a reminder of our goals will help us stay away from food we are not supposed to eat.

Take one step at a time:

Let’s get real here, you decide to start eating clean and just throw out all the chocolates in your cupboard and swear not to eat them for 6 months! I had tried this and gave in after a week! I have a major sweet tooth and need to have sweet or else I just change into HULK. So take one step at a time, limit your intake but don’t banish it. Like in my case, I have set a target of 1 square of dairy milk per day, this is doable and I won’t feel (very) deprived.

Set short term goals:


Break down your goal into small achievements. Losing a lot of weight is a long journey and the easiest way out breaking it down, like 3kg in a month sounds healthy and manageable. From being a couch potato to going to the gym 3 times a week can be an achievement. So, break down your long term goal into smaller parts.

Change your tracks:

I know we are talking about weight-loss but don’t beat up yourself  over a resolution, focus on other things, like being happy or spending more time with your family and friends. Weight-loss is a part of the year, but there are many other things which will define 2015 for you. Focus on making those things beautiful. Keep a track of your other achievements too!

Toss the scale:

7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts weighing scaleMany of us obsess over the number, even me. But look out for non-scale victories. You may not see a change on the weighing scale but notice how the jeans fits, notice the changes in your body, the never-present collar bones showing, the round face slimming down, these are motivators too, though they may not be seen on the scale.

Get others involved:

Tell about your new year resolutions to your close friends or siblings, or whoever you feel comfortable with, this ensures that you are held accountable for your actions, they may ask you ‘how is it going so far’ or remind you of your goals and keep you track. Like I told you guys I needed to lose 20 kgs, now I owe to tell you about my weight loss by year end 2015 or I’ll be a laughing stock! (Kidding, I know you guys are really sweet and wouldn’t laugh, right?)


Reward yourself when you achieve your short term goals. No reward=No motivation!

These are my plans for 2015 and ways to stick to them… I hope they were useful to you too.

This is Pooja, wishing you a Happy New Year!!! Hope you keep loving IWB and motivating us to do more. We love you guys!

If you have any suggestions on how to stick to new year resolutions, do share with us.

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