How To Tighten Skin Naturally?


How To Tighten Skin Naturally?

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loose skin Top 9 Ways To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Do you have sagging skin and is it too bothersome? It may be so because of weight loss or aging. If you have lost a lot of weight over a short period there are chances of getting sagging skin. There is nothing to worry because there are a number of natural ways of increasing the skins elasticity and tightening it. Follow the following tips and your skin with be healthy and radiant again.

Drink lots of water


Apart from being good for overall health, drinking water is good for skin health. The skin becomes smoother, radiant and tighter when you keep yourself well hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Do strength training

Strength training is known to strengthen the muscles beneath the skin and as a result the skin tightens up. It is said that you should do strength training at least thrice a week. Lifting weights becomes more essential if you have dropped caloric intake because when you lose, fat you also lose muscle. Strength training helps in rebuilding muscles and the end result is that the skin gets tightened.

Moisturize your skin

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You need to moisturize our skin regularly. Use a moisturizer that helps in keeping the skin moist. Regular moisturizing helps grow new cells and reduces wrinkles. Using coconut oil for the skin is a great idea as the oil is also antibacterial in nature along with being a good moisturizer. You will find coconut oil in several body lotions.

Tone up your belly

You can have loose belly skin if you have lost a lot of weight. In order to tighten the belly you need to do toning exercises such as crunches, leg raises and sit ups. Simply invest 15 to 20 minutes 3 to 5 days a week and this will help you in tightening your belly.

Go for a massage

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Getting a massage done on a regular basis is a great idea. Not only is it relaxing but it also improves circulation of blood in the body. When your blood circulation is good, you skin stays healthy. It may be expensive to get a massage done from a spa every time. So, you can ask your partner to give you one frequently.

Sea salt scrub

Using sea salt scrub is instrumental in helping out your blood circulation. It tightens the skin over time. You can feel the difference in a matter of few weeks. Use the sea salt scrubs that are available in the market. There are a lot I tell you! Use them every day while having a shower.

Reduce sun exposure

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When you spend time outdoors, especially under the scorching sun, your skin’s elasticity can get affected. Stay away from swimming pools that have chlorinated water as it will dry out your skin. If you can’t stay away at least reduce the time spent in the pool.

Seek the help of visualization

Visualization is a great tool that helps in turning your desires turn true. No, it isn’t magic but it works. When you see something mentally, you will take the needed steps and work towards turning your thoughts into reality. Things are created twice, once in the virtual world and once in the physical world. If you start visualizing that your skin is tight, you will eat healthy and follow all the tips that will help keep your skin healthy.

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