How To Track Macros With Myfitnesspal


How To Track Macros With Myfitnesspal

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I have been very irregular in logging my daily meal in Myfitnesspal diary. I pretty much use the app everyday either to find out net carbs in some tool or to keep my streak in continuation(call me crazy 😛 ). You can add me on MFP, I may not log my diary daily but i am very much active on MFP especially to track my macros.

Tracking macros is very important, regardless of whether you are doing a low calorie or low carb diet.Otherwise……

How To Track Macros With Myfitnesspal


I monitor my carbs and hence I need a tool to help me stay in my carb limit.

Myfitnesspal does NOT allow you to input nutrients like carbs, protein and fat in grams. Instead, it uses percentage i.e you can choose how much percentage carbs you are going to eat. So I worked on percentages on a 1200 calorie diet.

Trust me, if you are trying to lose weight, you cannot succeed in a long run without logging a diary. You wish to do it in a traditional way with pen n paper or by using an app , is your choice. I prefer the latter though; I can login from anywhere , freaking easy peasy n flexible 😀

Let’s see How To Track Macros With Myfitnesspal

First, go to Goals and click on Change Goals. By default, Guided radio button will be selected. Change your selection to Custom and click on continue.

How To Track Macros With Myfitnesspal

Second, input the number of calories you wish to intake. I have set it as 1200. The calorie intake should be in line with your BMR.

track macros mfp

Third, choose your percentages of protein , fat and carbs. Adjust the percentages as per grams you wish to intake.

track macros fitness app

Fourth, adjust your fitness goals and click on change goals.

Fifth, Go to Food and then Settings. You will be able to see nutrients tracked. I am tracking Carbs, Fat , Protein, Fiber and Iron. If you are doing low carb, then you ought to track carbs, fat , protein and fiber. MFP does not give net carbs, so do it manually i.e net carbs = carbs – fiber. I am tracking iron since I have just recovered from anemia.

Now when you go to log your meals in your food diary, you would see the nutrients that you have selected for tracking. Easy peasy right 🙂 ?

If you know of some better tool to track macros, share with us !