How To Travel Healthy?


How To Travel Healthy?

We all travel, don’t we? It could be for work or for pleasure, but we do; some of us even want to travel to dominate the world – explore and seek, and we depart from the comfort zone back home, now and then. So do we have our normal routines in place, while travelling? NO, we don’t!

  • If we hit the gym thrice a week, we do not have access to one while travelling,
  • If we jog and run around the lake in our neighbourhood, we may or may not have that while travelling,
  • If we cook our own healthy fat-free meals; we may or may not have the luxury to do so, and finally,
  • Forget the ‘good night sleep’!

How To Travel Healthy?

Travel and health

Creatures of habit, aren’t we?

We work day jobs (some of us do nights too) – we fall sick easily and yet stick to the mundane routine of life. Our meals aren’t always eaten on time, or maybe sometimes yes we do. Do we work out everyday – sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sleep is usually the same time – hence creatures of HABIT!

But, when we travel; even the slightest mishap; scratch or bump can be disastrous! But, all hope is not lost!

Stop being the gym rat!

Now that the festive season is knocking, and plans with near and dear ones are on the way; stop missing the ‘iron pumping’ routines at the gym. Chances are you may never want to pay high subscription costs to the local gym anymore; not when you learn that a little vacation can actually help you focus on strength training and in keeping you fit.

I always check out the swings at the parks, a branch or a bus stop overhang (crazy as it may seem), as props to use for a quick work-out!

Be practical

You may not find ‘multi-gym’ props strewn around nature; but honey’s, let me tell you; nature has her own ways to help.

  • Instead of taking a vehicle to move around; and when you know the destination in another city is in close proximity from point A to point B – walk the talk darlings!

how to walk for weight loss

  • What about the beach; you do not go there to only ogle at the beautiful bodies and the sun tan on many, do you? The beach is an open-challenge, calling you for a daily swim, a walk and yes, jogging on the sands can make the hamstrings and the calves, strong.

running weight loss

  • I always ensure to eat right, even while travelling – especially if the vacation is not only a vacation; could be a business meet. Hence, placing emphasis on my travel-eating routine is a must. Mostly, i prefer homestay, so i help the family cook – i relish the local cuisine, but then i have plenty of water before every meal. Water helps keeps the toxins and wastes from within, away. It also helps me eat less – means no gaining the unwanted fat.

Do the best you can

Sometimes in some places there are not too many options for you to choose from – it could be the food, the air, the water or the place you stay – or maybe stuck at the airport or the train station or the bus depot for that matter – and you’ve had to eat what’s there. Things happen! So what now?

The answer is plan ahead

  • Mark the dates on your calendar for your travel (should you know it before hand)
  • Mode of travel (air, road, train, ship)
  • Duration of travel
  • Carry fruits, a jar of peanut butter, olive oil, and bread, boiled eggs, and limes. Make sandwiches for healthy snacking options. Pick up veggies from the local market to make quick salads and dress them in a tablespoon of olive oil. Drink plenty of water, and use the limes to make juice- lime juice also keeps the fats at bay. Remember, it is best to make your own peanut butter sandwiches when at a place with fewer options, than to eat what you don’t know about!
  • Almonds are good to munch on, plenty of fibre in them
  • If you are out with friends (beer parties and fries), compensate by eating only healthy food a day earlier to the outing!
  • Be miserly on your food budget when travelling; it would pinch your consciousness when splurging on junk.

So do i have any fun on my trips!

Oh yeah honey, fun is my second name. This is because weight loss is my goal, and i try to bring in the best – healthy and fresh food, and stay far from oily, too many sweets and salty or processed items. Easier said than done, but where there is a will, there is a way.

My buddies laugh at me when i do that; but hey, it’s my body and i love myself! And, you bet your behinds, i am going to stay gung-ho about it and push myself, to be healthy (not thin or fat).

The big adventure

Maybe i might be out again on a shoot; i am a freelance art director with Suchandragraphy. And once again, i am going to be strict about coming back home fit and fine; even though i may down a glass of red wine now and then; or munch into the quintessential roadside daal makhani and naans!

Let me know how you stay fit and active, healthy and in shape when out on travel! Best sharing practices are always welcomed; and they motivate us all to stay happy and healthy!

Adios Bad Habits; Hola Healthy Amigos!

So, now you know all about how to travel healthy!!

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