How To Use Instagram For Weight Loss?


How to use Instagram for weight Loss?must-follow-instagram-fitness2-700x355

Have you tried Instagram for weight loss

Hello guys 🙂 long time no see right? exams were on..

So without further ado, let’s begin our topic for the day, ‘How To Use Instagram For Weightloss’ which is all about weight loss motivation. With the connectivity we have these days it would be sheer negligence to not use it to our benefit, we all have social media accounts like Facebook, You tube etc, but have you really thought how to use it to our benefit instead of just scrolling down the pages.. not much right… so today am going to talk to you about using Instagram as the platform for weight loss, tracking or motivation or recipes!

Who knew right?! when I made an Instagram account, I had no idea in the world what to do with it, but now I have made friends there and we share a lot of weight loss and fitness information. The deal is that when you connect with such people you get to know a different mindset altogether and how to have a different approach to fitness. here in India we have a growing market for fitness but abroad they are really advanced. So,Instagram provided a bridge between us. We get to know people just like us, on similar journeys as us, so the exchange of ideas, the motivation, the plans for workout, all have an approach like never before. Here is a low down at some things that Instagram can help you with on your weight loss journey


1. Before and After Pictures:

There are many communities on Instagram that post daily pictures of people with health goals, you can search such users/communities and get your dose of daily motivation.

2. Meal Planning:

Health food accounts are sought after by fitness enthusiast like ourselves, you can get ideas on how to make healthy recipes or just looking at some healthy food option to keep you on track with your meals and recreate your meals.


3. workout videos:

This one is relatively new on Instagram. Since Instagram has introduced videos many people shoot a small part of their workout and post it. Sometimes you may also find motivational videos.

4. Motivation:

Instagram helps you get motivated with real life stories and motivational quotes.


5. Accountability:

This was a major reason I got myself a fitness account. It helps you keep on track, you have people watching you, so you work extra hard just to show them you are serious on your journey. Not like this is why you should lose weight, to show other people, I understand, but sometimes the best of us need some pushing around to get things done :p

6. Work out ideas:

If you are bored of your daily workout and looking out for a change, you can see what other are doing and inculcate their routine in your workout, trust me guys, you really need to do this one, its insane, the way people work out, I have seen accounts where they mention their whole workout routine and be so inspired!

7. Meet people:

Last but not the least, we can meet like minded people, or just search for a workout buddy within our locality. It may seem absurd, but if you have someone living in same area as yours and you need a workout partner, then you can just mention your gym name with destination and people looking out for the same will respond. This one works like a pro with getting people together and making new friend 🙂


So, I hope you liked this post and hope to see on really soon on Instagram, you can follow my fitness account where I track my daily steps and sometimes my macros, just search for theintervention  or you can follow tarun on tarunpreet. 

This is Pooja, signing off.. Ciao!

Now you know how to use Instagram for weight loss ?

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