How To Use NEAT For Weight Loss?

Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

Using NEAT For Weight Loss

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A lot of people live with the notion that they will lose weight by sweating it out in the gym for one long hour daily. However, living a sedentary life for the rest of the 23 hours a day will result in low calorie expenditure! Your activity levels have a huge role to play in weight loss.

You might not be aware of ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ or NEAT which is a great way to lose weight. This refers to the energy you spend in doing day-to-day activities.

Take a look at examples of NEAT for weight loss.

1) Walking

Walking comes naturally to us and is something that all of us do. To lose weight, you need to increase the number of steps you walk every day. Over time your body will start using the energy from the fat stores. Increasing the number of steps you way in a day is easy. While going shopping, you can park your car away from the shopping mall so that you have to walk a little more to reach it. You can do the same thing when you go to office. You can get up in the morning for a walk in the park nearby. The additional steps will definitely benefit you.

2) Cooking

While cooking in the kitchen, you can make simple movements like squatting to get a pan out of the cupboard. You can simply bounce while waiting for your veggies to get cooked or fidget while reading messages on social media. The point is that you need to keep moving.

3) Watching TV

Everyone watches TV but to burn additional number of calories you need to bring in a tweak in your TV watching habit. While watching TV, you can lie down on the couch and stretch out your muscles. Stretching and staying active is a great habit while watching your favorite program on television. It will remove the guilt factor and you will enjoy doing it too!

4) Creating an active morning routine

Get some more movement into your morning routine. Get up and do push-ups by the side of the bed. Head to the kitchen to brew tea or coffee and do some jumping jacks. Before starting to brush your teeth, do squats and if possible even while brushing. Do a burpee when you want to get your hands on the newspaper. This way you can burn more number of calories than usual.

5) Creating an evening routine

Just like your morning routine, you should be active in the evenings too. Do more stretches and yoga poses. While locking doors breathe deeply and do lunge stretches. These relaxing moves will not just help you burn extra calories but enable you to relax before sleeping.

6) Avoid the car

You can head to places nearby on foot and there is no better way of burning calories. Remember to do this whenever possible.

7) Cleaning

Cleaning is a great exercise and by doing it regularly you get to complete your household chores too! You can turn it into a game and it can be anything right from washing your car to vacuuming the house. While doing these tasks you can try balancing on one leg to make it challenging. Even while using the washing machine, you can try a hand at jump shots!

Hope you liked reading about NEAT for weight loss!

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