How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day?


Simple tips to Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

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It is said that a person should take 10,000 steps a day for good health. But 10,000 steps are equal to 4-5 miles of walking and doing this on a daily basis seems to be a big task for most people.

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If you happen to have a desk job, there are chances that it is difficult for you to meet the recommended 10,000 steps without taking the time out for a full fledged walk. On the other hand, if your job has a lot of moving around already, you can do well above the recommended amount. However, most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and this makes it necessary to have a focused plan to take 10,000 steps a day.

Benefits of walking to office

Here is a simple guide to achieve your goal:

Week #1


You need to invest in a pedometer or a device that tracks your activity. Find out the number of steps you need to take each day in a week. Don’t change your daily routine just to walk more than usual. Simply record the number of steps you take in a journal and also note down anything that encouraged you to take a few more steps or even what made you take fewer steps. Add up the number of steps you took for a week and then divide it by seven. It will give the average number of steps you take in a day. It will sort of give you a baseline to begin with.

Week #2 and beyond

Your goal should be to boost the average number of steps by 20%. In order to do so, you need to multiply the average number of steps taken by you in a week by 1.2. The result is your goal for week 2, i.e. the number of steps you should take during the second week.

For instance, if you have an average of 6,000 steps a day in week 1, you should try for 6000 x 1.2= 7,200 steps. Keep increasing the average number of weekly steps by 20% till you reach 10,000 steps per day.

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Reaching your goal is up to you and you need to be more creative to find a way out to move more. Here are a few ways that will help you take more number of steps throughout the day:

1) Try parking your car a little away from your destination, be it a restaurant or a mall.

2) Instead of taking the lift, take the stairs whenever possible.

3) Do window shopping just to cover a few extra steps.

4) Walk to the bus top to pick your kids instead of driving down.

5) Play games like hopscotch or any other one from your own childhood with your kids to get a good exercise.

6) While watching television, march around during TV commercials.

7) Make the most of your lunch break at office and plan a small walk.

8) Try holding walk meeting at work if possible.

9) Walk around while watching your kid’s sports events instead of being seated.

10) Go for a long walk with your friend.

11) Walk up to your colleague’s cabin instead of emailing or speaking to them over the phone.

12) Take your dog out for a walk, it is great exercise for you and you get to take more number of steps.

13) Walk and talk over the phone. Wear a headset if you are not comfortable.

14) Choose comfortable shoes for work, it is said that you will move more when your shoes are comfortable.

15) Go for a walk after dinner.

16) If you have a baby, take her out in a stroller.

Hope you will be able to reach your goal of 10,000 steps soon!

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