How Watching Movies Rejuvenates You?


How Watching Movies Rejuvenates You?

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How many movie lovers out there?? You must be wondering how movies can benefit you. Probably I am kidding! Nope! I am not! Apart from entertaining you they can do a lot more!

So, can watching movies be beneficial? Yes! A movie can make you feel happy, excited, emotional or scared depending on the genre. They make you forget your real life troubles and you walk out of the theatre feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated. Therapists also say that certain movies can help patients overcome depression and balance their emotional health.

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So, how does watching movies rejuvenate you? Lets us find out!

1) They are a stress buster

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One of the foremost benefits of watching movies is that they act as a stress buster. On a weekend you catch up with friends and head to the theatres. A movie outing with friends is a great way to unwind. Whatever kind of movie you watch, as long as you enjoy it, it refreshes you and elevates your senses.

2) Can be used as a therapy

As mentioned above it is a great way of treating patients with mood disorders and depression. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So, just think what a movie with thousands of pictures, music and dialogues can do to help patients. This therapy is still in the preliminary stage but is a great way of calming an individual’s inner turmoil.

3) Helps get over a break up

There is nothing you can do for a broken heart apart for letting time heal the wound. But there is still something you can resort to and that is watching romantic movies that you love. Watching a timeless romantic classic can help you in getting rid of the pain. The movie will shift your attention from your ex. It will heal your heart and soon you may actually be ready for another relationship!

4) They inspire you

Movies inspire you and that is a fact. Biopic and historical movies give you a glimpse of the lives of people. You get to see how common men and women get transformed into heroes and heroine in times of need. It makes you feel that even a commoner like you and I can achieve great things in life. So, do watch movies based on lives of historical heroes.

5) They make you laugh

Do you recall when you laughed your heart out? No, right? We hardly laugh in real lives. Well, movies make that happen. When you watch an entertaining comedy film, you just can’t stop laughing. The film PK has a lot of funny moments and I am sure all of you must have watched it. There were many instances that made me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for anything. The more you laugh the better you will feel. While watching a movie together and laughing you can make a closer bond with your friends too.

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6) Offers a thrilling experience

You are desperate for something thrilling but your boss just rejected your leave application. Quit the trip and go watch a thriller with your friends. If it is not playing at the theatres get DVDs of old thrillers that you haven’t watched and enjoy your weekend. A thriller can give you an edge-of-the-seat experience, the kind you won’t even get when you head outdoors.

7) Create awareness

A lot of movies are made on social issues that are rampant in our society. Movies cover a lot of social issues such as dowry, honour killing, caste system, the socio-economic divide and many more. They seem to be a media of creating awareness about these issues. Some of them are subtle whereas others are totally in the face. Most movies these days have a meaningful message that rekindles the long lost conscience in people. So, movies create awareness.

That is all folks! I know that you are heading to the theatre this evening to watch a good movie and enjoy evening! If anybody stops you, just show them this post 😛

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