How Watching Television Causes Obesity


How Watching Television Causes Obesity

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The television is an indispensable part of our existence on planet Earth! Is there anyone around here who does not watch TV? Those who are busy bees during the weekdays keep TV viewing for the weekends when they can watch the repeat telecast of their favourite daily soaps. So, your weekends are all about binge watching!

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Ok, so stats say that the average Indian watches about 2 hours of television each day. Thanks to the technology you just don’t need to leave the couch once you are settled. Remember the prehistoric era when you used to change the channels and adjust the volume manually? No I am not that ancient I was perhaps 5 when we got a remote controlled TV!

TV viewing and weight gain

So, what do you do along with TV viewing? You munch snacks, right? Most probably they are junk food like chips, fries and may be a super bowl of ice cream! Perfect combo!! But do you realize that you are risking yourself to obesity by doing so day in and day out? People who watch TV for more than 3 hrs a day are twice as likely to get obese when compared to those who watch TV for less than 1 hour per day.

Increased TV viewing directly means increased snacking. It is not just the adults but the children too who get affected. They watch TV for hours and don’t get any physical exercise that results in obesity.

How television causes obesity


Ads on TV can be influential. There are so many food companies promoting their products that are not healthy for people. When you happen to see your favourite movie or TV star endorsing the product you are bound to get lured.

Eating too much while viewing TV

People generally overeat while watching TV. This is because your mind is distracted and you don’t have any control over your portion size. In one study that a person almost eats an extra meal while watching TV.

You become a couch potato

Sitting and viewing TV for long hours will make you a couch potato. You will miss out on your physical exercises. This will result in weight gain and laziness. Instead of spending time on your couch get moving and enjoy the world outside.

How to address the Problem

There are a few suggestions that can help in breaking the habit of watching TV while eating.

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

  • Try watching less TV. It should not be more than 1 hour per day.
  • To avoid weight gain, go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day.
  • Do not install your TV in your bedroom. Some people have the bad habit of lying down on the bed and viewing their favourite shows.
  • Best way out is to avoid eating while watching TV. This way you won’t overeat in a near hypnotized state!

On a personal level I never watch TV while eating. When it is dinner or lunch time none of my family members watch TV because meal time is family time! And our TV is in the drawing room and not in the bedroom.

Hope you found this post useful! Now will you be careful after knowing the link between television and obesity?

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