How Weighing Scale Helped Me To Lose Weight


How Weighing Scale Helped Me To Lose Weight

Yesterday night while working for the blog and giving final touches to the posts for today, my eyes stopped at a post – Weighing Scale-your friend or foe ?


I read the post and my eyes glued on to it. The post is fantastic and will help a lot of people who are obsessed about weight. I read and I re-read !

And then, as usual I pondered for a long time and dozed off. When I woke up in the morning, I again thought about the post.

I have gone through the phase when I hated the number on the scale. I developed the fear of food and thought 100 times before eating something. In a few days, my phobia made me mad and I stopped eating at all. This state was frustrating because the scale refused to budge despite all my desperate efforts. I gave up and hogged on food one day, ate to my heart’s content and tummy’s satiation. Next day, the scale moved a pound, not upwards but downwards 🙂 🙂

How Weighing Scale Helped Me To Lose Weight

I was amused and surprised both ! When I did it all to make the weighing scale move, of course downwards 😛 , it stayed firm and when I ate like a maniac, it came down. I researched and thought through , what was the reason of such a behavior! Will discuss this some other day. I learnt a very important lesson that day.

Make peace with your weight, period !

The moment you accept reality, life becomes easy. I accepted that I weigh so much, my hatred and frustration will not reduce my weight. Instead, stress will take a toll and the vicious weighing scale would move up, only for the worse.

I started eating healthy but sometimes gave in to cravings. I was working out in the gym and used to weigh there once a week. I was on my reduction journey finally, but I was struggling to find a solution to my cravings and my mood swings when I ended up eating junk.

I bought a weighing scale and starting weighing every now and then. Since I had stopped fretting, the activity did not affect me much. I wanted to find out how my body reacts to food , activity, mood, mensus cycle etc. I did this for 2-3 weeks and analysed to the best of my ability. This exercise helped me understand and listen to my body.

Then, I started weighing once in a day, at the same time and in the same kind of clothes. I can confidently say, that was the best decision I took.

Weighing daily makes you disciplined

I agree that weight is governed with a lot of factors other than food. But it helps me to get disciplined. For a moment, when I think about taking of bite of pastry, my weighing scale is the first thing that comes to my mind. Either I don’t indulge or I stop exactly after a small bite.

weighing scale

You may think that this is the fear of food, I say NO. I have studied my body’s response to food so well that I exactly know what food and  how much can I safely eat without gaining a gram.

On the other hand, a tiny 100 grams loss also makes me Dance 😛 , n I manage to burn a bit more that day 😉 . The urge .. the want..the desire  to see the scale going down everyday is my biggest motivation, second only to the skimpy dress I want to fit in someday !

When I used to weigh weekly, I cheated almost every alternate day. My devil brain told me – “tomorrow I won’t cheat” and unfortunately tomorrow never comes… it never came for me until I started taking one day at a time. I am a big follower of having short term goals leading to a long term goal. You can be poetic and want to believe that “Manzil ho to raaste khud ban jaayenge“( you must have a goal, paths will be made) . Practically, it does not work. You have to take baby steps , make your way and work on your goal everyday.

Weighing daily has made life easy. I cheat once a week and still lose weight. I eat roti and rice also occasionally and still lose weight. what more would I want 🙂 ?

My experience may or may not help you. If you are obese and have a suffering self esteem, weigh weekly. I was not obese but whopping 25 kgs overweight but managed to gather the courage to face the reality. If you get depressed with your scale so much so that your day revolves around it, weigh weekly. Not weighing yourself at all is a very bad idea.

If you think, weighing daily would give you a better control on your eating and will motivate you, go ahead 🙂 !

Do whatever keeps you motivated, ultimately the goal is one – to lead a healthy life !

Let me know your thoughts !

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