How Wheat Bread Makes You Fat And More Fat Everyday?

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How Wheat Bread Makes You Fat And More Fat Everyday?

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I recently noticed that a lot of working couples eat cooked vegetables with brown bread to avoid cumbersome task of kneeding dough and making chapaatis.. If you look around, you would find that waist line of people has gone up to a significant level. You would find obesity in children too. Statistics from US predict that by 2030, more than half of the US population would be obese. I am sure the numbers would be similar in India as well.

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We, Indians are getting fat, fast , really fast! Fat consumption like ghee, butter has fallen down significantly in the past few years as women try to achieve bikini bodies and men attempt 6 pack abs. Instead, we see people with multiple tyres(tyres of abdomen fat) all around. Does that indicate the less fat consumption is a reason for obesity? Well yes, its certainly one reason. Another reason is high intake of carbohydrates. Wheat production has gone up by at least 3-4 times in the past 50 years, along with other “healthy grains” like corn.

One major source of carbohydrate that forms a part of daily meal is Bread. Let’s see how bread makes you fat!

How Wheat Bread Makes You Fat And More Fat Everyday?

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Have you ever wondered how sumo wrestlers put on weight quickly? Do you know why cattle taken for slaughtering are always fat? Of course, healthy plump cattle fetch a better price but what does it take to make them fat? It just takes to make the cattle feed on grains and not on grass. They would eat wheat and put on weight in no time. There is only 1 reason of gaining weight so quickly – the spike in insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is responsible for storing fat in the body.

Eating more carbohydrates will prevent your body to burn fat stored in the body as fuel. You will never be able to use body fat as energy source because there is so much insulin the blood from the high carbohydrate meal that you just had.

When you eat wheat bread or a common flour bread which we also call white bread, or milk bread, it is broken down into glucose by your body. As soon as the blood sugar level goes high owing to glucose, the body releases insulin to deal with it. The insulin spike is exactly what is needed to swell body’s fat cells and deposit even more fat.

Human body can’t store huge amount of carbohydrates. A small amount of glucose can be stored in liver and muscles as glycogen. That’s why when you start running, your trainer says that in the initial few minutes of running, sugar reserve is exhausted and only after a  couple of minutes, body starts to burn body fat for fuel. The excess carbohydrate that you eat, is carried to adipose tissue that stores fat. In a way, you can say excess carbohydrate is converted to body fat and stored in cells.

When you start eating bread or high carbohydrate meals, fat deposition will happen around abdomen, then hips and thighs and then everywhere else in your body.

Hope you would take a note of this post and stop eating bread on a daily basis. Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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