How Women Can Build Lean Muscle?


How women can build lean muscle

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Do you go to the gym? Have you seen some women there who are already on the leaner side working out? You would be wondering what they are doing in a gym when they are already in shape. The truth is that all women don’t head to the gym to lose weight. Some might want to gain some weight actually gain lean muscle.

Just like weight loss, weight gain is related to caloric intake and caloric output. Along with that there are other factors that help a person gain lean muscle in a healthy manner.

For muscle growth you need to sweat it out at the gym and also take care of your diet, hydration and sleep. So, what you should be doing in the gym and what you should be doing outside it is as follows:

At the gym

Do strength exercises that involve compound muscle movements

Try to do moves that make you utilize multiple muscles and multiple joints simultaneously. Such exercises include lunges, squats, burpees, deadlifts, box jumps, walking lunges and jump squats

Lift heavy weights

Woman-Lifting-Weight building lean muscle

Don’t be afraid of lifting weights since you are a woman. If you happen to lift weights the way boys do, your body will produce testosterone to adapt the body to the bid stress you are placing on it. This helps in building muscle.

Increase your rep speed

Completing your reps faster ( make sure your form is correct, never sacrifice on your form) is another way of placing more stress on your body. A good speed is one rep in every 2 seconds.

Stick to light cardio

Cardio helps in getting the blood flow so that the muscles receive more oxygen. This helps in promoting muscle growth. Don’t keep doing cardio alone. You should be lifting weights than doing cardio in order increase muscle mass. It would be a good idea to stick to weight training thrice a week and a day of light cardio.

By the way have you ever noticed the body of a long-distance runner and that of a sprinter? A long-distance runner’s has a very lean and low fat body whereas a sprinter’s body is more muscular.

Don’t do cardio before weight training if you happen to do it on the same day. If you do cardio before lifting weights your muscles will get tired and you will sacrifice your form and this would increase the chances of injury.

Outside the gym

Eat carbs at the right time

whole grain bread ornish diet

Carbs should be eaten more at breakfast and immediately after your workout. Post workout there is a half an hour anabolic window which is meant for restoration. It would be a good idea to guzzle down a carb and protein drink within that time span to replenish your stores as quick as possible. While doing cardio consume a calorie or carb rich drink in order to keep your calorie intake high. The rest of the day eat foods that are good for you; those that are colourful and have protein in them.

Drink water

girl-on-run-drinking-water fitness

In order to keep your muscles full and saturated, you should drink about half of your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Sleep tight

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work sleep

Don’t miss out on your sleep. The nutrients and water consumed during the day will work while you sleep to build your muscles. So no compromise on sleep’s front.

So, women are you ready to build lean muscle mass??

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