How Yoga Benefits in Pregnancy?


How Yoga Benefits in Pregnancy

Hi all the yogis, non yogis out there,

Are you currently expecting?

Have you been feeling very lazy and sick lately?

Has the doctor advised you to do some moderate exercise?

What have you chosen for yourself?

Well, if I may suggest that join a prenatal yoga course near to your place and you will see the change. I will tell you some quick benefits of practising yoga in those beautiful days of your life. I understand that many women resort to chocolate, spicy and sour food, but the consequences are always noticed after you deliver the baby, I suggest eating healthy, nutritious, and all this must be first confirmed from your medical practitioner. As a yoga enthusiast, I fell that I can plan my life ahead, I different phases, where I do not have to leave my fitness regime, thus if you are even trying to get pregnant, doctors would usually suggest people to lose some weight before they can conceive.  In short, if you are obese, over weight, it can be a root cause of many problems.


Let me give you some straight pointers on how Yoga can be helpful during pregnancy and whether it is safe to perform:

1. Helps in labour process


With specific exercises taught in a prenatal class, you would be able to do away with the discomfort you might face during your labour process. I suggest always opt for a prenatal class rather than taking a regular yoga class and please in gods name no power yoga 🙂 Since you are carrying a lot of weight in your body, you may face backaches etc, specific yoga exercises helps you to minimize that. I have had back issues for a long time, but with correct yoga postures, I have been benefitted a lot. Further, you may also be experiencing a lot of anxiety, fear and you may be tense, but with proper pranayamas specifically the ones which can be performed by expecting mothers, you can calm yourself. Even now, after a hard day at work, I just need a yoga class to rewind. It works wonders.

2. Stronger body ready for child birth

pregnancy yoga iwbAs an expecting mother, you must  realise that you are going to give life, thus you should be proud of that fact. And in case your doctor advises you not to indulge into any kind of physical exercise, then you must obey them. However, prenatal yoga includes mostly strengthening of muscles, breathing, meditations etc, which helps you getting ready for the process. You connect with your body, you exactly know what causes you discomfort. Thus, with a prenatal yoga class you learn how to connect to your body and be headstrong about the process of giving birth. It is a beautiful feeling, I am sure.

3. Minimizes mood swings


Imagine the time you are PMSing, you are fine with it, but poor people around you. What are they going through. Well, similarly it is very common to have mood swings, thus, Yoga helps you in countering that. Exercise is any form releases happy hormones in the body. Yes, it is true. You have had a bad day at work, your boss, subordinate screamed at you, you had an argument with a loved one, Believe me, instead of reaching out for that ice cream in your freezer, I suggest hit the gym, or go for a run, or just do Yoga at home, it works wonders. Not only it will make your fitter and stronger, it will add glow to your face (more on that later).

4. Makes you a happy & beautiful mommy

prego yogaYou surely feel not very happy when you are going through the initial sickness and discomfort in the later stages, you also feel that you have put on weight and that you do not fit into your pre-marriage clothes or honeymoon dress any more. Don’t bother about it, just hide those dresses for some time, and follow a simple yoga exercises during your pregnancy. The specific exercises help you to keep calm and make you glow. I cannot promise that it will make you slim, but with the right choices you may not even put on much weight at all. And the known fact that breastfeeding helps you lose post pregnancy weight is always going to help you.Thus, when you are expecting, don’t be in a dilemma to lose weight, just enjoy this phase. Also do not worry about quickly losing weight after the delivery. It will come naturally. Just make the right choices.

Just a word of caution, during pregnancy, you are not advised to do exercises lying down on your stomach, you should not be doing asanas which block your uterus and twisting form of exercise should not be done using the waist. Also, take special care of your diet, and some kinds of green tea (Chamomile) are NOT to be consumed.

Happy Babying.

Love to all.

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