How Yoga Helps You To Stay Young?


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How Yoga Helps You To Stay Young?

It so happened one day, Way back when I was 24 years old 😉 I was working out at the gym, and there was a real cute college guy at the Gym, whom I lost touch now 🙁 working out next to me, we both went to the cardio section and took treadmills next to each other. Poor guy, did not have the courage to speak to me. So I lightly said Hi!

He was delighted that I started the conversation. We chatted and he suddenly asked me which college do I go to. I was amused, since I was working in law firm for the past two years then 😉

I retorted I am working and I am lawyer, he laughed saying, that I have seen you doing yoga and I should have guessed 😉

Well, I am not bragging, but lot of people cannot guess my age and often tell me, you look no older than this or that 😉

The whole idea is to outline what my gym buddy had to say and that was “I have seen you do yoga, I should have guessed”. I am impressed when people have such high image of Yoga in our country.

Let me tell you how Yoga and Yoga kriyas keep you young and kicking:

1. Yoga asanas promote breathing for detoxifying body while exercising:


When we do yoga, we concentrate on our breathing, thus providing our body with much-needed oxygen. Our breathing detoxifies our system and with the exercise our skin gets toned up (mind you regularly karna hai ;). With such conditions, our bodies look much younger and do not reflect the age. Since all our worry lines and wrinkles are kept far away. But of course, I am not saying the will never happen, but the ageing process will be delayed.

2. Yoga kriyas and pranayams aim at making the system beautiful from within:

I have discussed so many Kriyas and Pranayama over the period and these have an aim of taking age off your face. I cannot make out anyone kriya or one Pranayam which is responsible for making you look younger, but it is a combination of all. In the kriyas you perform, you cleanse the body internally, which automatically makes the skin look fresh. Look at a babies picture, he is the perfect example of freshness till he comes in contact with pollution, junk food and all those things which hamper your body.


3. Flexibility keeps you moving:

With age you also want to keep moving, right! Your body gives you many options to do things for yourself and others. Flexibility makes you stronger, it gives you the performance you need and the charisma you reflect. Flexibility is a boon, it will delay the pains, the slowdown of metabolism, loss of muscles, in short you will look younger and feel younger too.

yoga flexibility

4. A younger looking you:

The outcome of yoga is a beautiful younger looking you and why not, if you do something for your body, it will give you wonder. I have a simple ideology, no matter how expensive my dress is, how expensive my makeup is, and how designer my bags are, it will not look good on me if I don’t look fit and look flabby. I am not saying be paper thin, but a toned body and a beautiful mind is what everyone needs 😉

yoga keeps young

Till then look lovely with yoga,

love Vrinda

Do you agree that Yoga helps you to stay young?

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