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How Your Body Can Burn Fat And Not Store It?

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Here is a research that I came across and wanted to share with you guys! After all, we all are in the weight loss boat.

Everybody wants to burn fat and not store it in the body. Research scientists have unraveled a new mechanism that stimulates the body to burn fat. This can be a path breaking discovery and can lead to many new medicines to fight obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

The researchers knocked out a gene that produces a protein called folliculin in the fat cells of mice. By doing so a series of biomolecular signals got triggered that switched the cells to burning fat in place of storing it.

The process is called ‘browning’ of fat cells. The main role played by brown fat is to burn energy to produce heat so that the body temperature stays constant. On the other hand, white fat is for storing energy.

How Your Body Can Burn Fat And Not Store It?


Scientists have discovered a new kind of fat tissue having characteristics that are in between healthy brown fat and the not so healthy white one. This beige fat has the ability to behave like brown fat when there is an external stimuli like exposure to cold.

The conversion from white to beige or brown fat cells is a desirable effect with regard to obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome as extra energy in the body is not stored in the fat tissue but gets burned down in brown or beige fat tissue.

To carry out the study, the research team bred mice in such a way that they have fat cells that did not produce the protein folliculin. Next they fed normal mice as well as the folliculin-deficient mice with junk food, high in fat for more than 14 weeks. The normal mice were found to gain weight rapidly whereas the mice deficient in folliculin stayed slim. With scientific methods, the scientists found out that mice deficient in folliculin were burning more fat when compared to the other mice. At the end of the study, these mice had white fat cells of smaller size and less amount of fat tissue all over. The extra energy produced by them, made them better at being able to tolerate the cold too.

This research can open doors for new medicines to be developed that stimulate the fat ‘browning’ process.

One implication of the study is that a drug can be developed to stimulate the activity of beige and brown fat cells which will help manage obesity and other issues of the metabolism.

This study got published in the journal Genes & Development.

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