How Your Face Will Change As You Lose Weight?


How Your Face Will Change As You Lose Weight?

face changes as you lose weight

Losing weight is the ultimate dream and goal of many today. Whether it’s to do with their beauty concerns or their sheer drive to embrace a healthy lifestyle, people try numerous ways and means to shed off those extra pounds. Each of our bodies respond differently to different weight loss plans, depending upon our genetic makeup and body type. While for some weight loss mostly affects the hip area, long hours at the gym reward the others with a taut torso. One of the most difficult areas to lose weight for many, however, is the face. A common complaint that people have is that they are unable to lose their face fat despite following a strict fitness regimen. It’s important to note therefore that losing weight on the face may take time and requires persistence, but also remember, the change may not always be positive. Here are the some of the key considerations that determine how weight loss can affect your face:

  1. Defined Features – Ever wondered how the jaw lines and cheekbones of some of the celebrities gain definition over the years? A lot of you may think they’ve gone under the knife to get those defined features, but that may not always hold true. The change in their face could also be the result of rapid weight loss. As you lose weight, your buccal fat area (between cheekbones and jaw) tends to become hollow. This change is greatly noticeable in women who are slightly older and have undergone rapid weight loss. The other change you may notice on your face due to weight loss is sunken eyes.
  1. Facial Sagging – An article by The University of Maryland Centre explains the impact of weight loss surgery on the body. If you have gotten a surgery to achieve your dream body, you may succumb to saggy skin around your tummy, thighs, buttocks and facial regions. In extreme cases, people also have to undergo plastic surgery to tighten the affected areas of their skin.
  1. Increased Wrinkles – One of the biggest problems for those who are over 30 is the increased incidence of wrinkled skin on their face as a result of weight loss. This problem is even more prevalent in those who smoke, drink and sleep less. Weight loss further intensifies your skin’s loss of elasticity and tone that comes with age, thereby aggravating the wrinkles.

So what is the way to avoid some of the facial problems that can follow weight loss? Here are some key pointers to your rescue:

  1. A Wholesome Diet – Stock up your diet with lots of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens are rich in calcium that helps lower water retention in your body. Keep your salt intake low as sodium is known to retain fluids in your body. Go easy on the food you eat outside as they are high in fats and salt. The University of Maryland Centre suggests that eating vitamin C rich foods (tomatoes and citrus fruits) boost the production of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein that helps make your skin firmer and prevents signs of premature ageing.
  1. Positive Lifestyle Changes – After a long and hectic work week, do you head out binge drinking with your friends to celebrate the weekend? Chances are that the alcohol is what’s making your body (including your face) bloated. Not only does alcohol increase your calorie intake by leaps and bounds, but it also has a dehydrating effect on your body, thereby increasing water retention. Smoking too, is harmful if you’re trying to maintain your youthful glow as it speeds up the process of aging by reducing the flow of blood to your skin. In addition, try and get proper sleep as sleep deprivation can also make you susceptible to weight gain and facial gloating.
  1. Regular Exercise – Instead of opting for extreme weight loss measures like fad diets and surgeries, stick to long term measures like regular exercise that promise lasting and positive results. Not only is exercise an excellent way to lose weight but it is also a remarkable mood uplifter! It improves other body functions like immunity, cardiovascular health, endurance and respiratory health too! Practice cardio workouts like cycling, running and jogging at least five times a week. You could also enroll in a yoga class and ask your instructor to help you with yoga poses that can reduce weight on your face and give it a glow.

With the help of the pointers mentioned above as well as few others, be rest assured that your weight loss regimen will bear desirable results. The key is to maintain a consistent and persistent approach towards achieving your goals. Stay healthy, stay happy!

By Vineetha Reddy

Vineetha Reddy guest post

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