How Your Health And Your Birth Month Are Connected?


Your Health and Your Birth Month

2015 is already over and most of us have already found out through the newspapers if 2016 is our year or not. Apart from the yearly horoscopes, did you know that there lies an intricate link between your birth month and your health? If no, then this post is just the thing you need to end this year with an assurance of self-awareness about your well-being.

months and health

According to a research published in Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, recorded between 1985 to 2013 were studied to understand the correlation between the patients admitted at New York Presbyterian Hospital and their respective birth dates. The primary reason for such results pointed to the environment the mother was exposed to during her pregnancy. For example, if the mother suffers from flu there is a high probability that the child will suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Let’s take a look at what your birth month suggests about your health:


january-birth month and health
There is a high chance that these winter infants are prone to high blood pressure and heart ailments.


February-birth month and health

Choking might be a scare factor for this month babies. Malignant lung tumors or bronchus tumors will keep the risk high.


march-birth month and health

March babies are prone to heart diseases, circulatory diseases and regular chest pains.


April birth month and health

Being similar to the March kids, April also brings in the worry of heart diseases and chest pains.


May birth month and health

The blessed babies, these suffer from almost no ailment making them happy-go-lucky.


june birth month and health

Exactly half in to the year, these kids may be troubled by asthma and chest pain.


july birth month and health

Sharing the same space with May, these are ailment free kids with their future being healthy and disease free.


august-birth month and health

Eye alert! Common versions of eye irritations such as eye swelling, watery eyes and sty may be a common feature. Contracting eye infections may be a regular thing for such babies


september birth month and health

The month of September is not that festive with the autumn in its bloom! There is high risk of respiratory infections, fever, infections, vomiting, asthma, behavioral disorders. To top this long list, the month of September brings with itself complicated cases of pregnancies.


october birth month and health

Sharing the same space with September enters the month of October bringing along with it the dangers of lung infections, viral infections, sore throats and stomach problems. As far as the case of the mother goes, there are cases of perineal tears during delivery, postpartum depression, heavy periods which makes the whole process of delivering an October baby way worse.


november birth month and health

Oh sweet November does not prove to be that sweet. There may be ADHD complications, colon issues, problems in delivery, diarrhea, vaginal issues and painkiller dependency.


december-birth month and health

If you are thinking that all December has to be the best month considering the warm hugs and cozy blankets, then you’re slightly wrong because December babies are prone to injuring themselves more than the other month babies and get bruised more often.

This post was not to sadden you but to serve as a source of making you aware about health issues that each month brings with itself.

Hope this post has been informative!

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