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How Your Job Affects Exercise?

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Want to know how jobs affect the amount of exercise people get during leisure hours? A study has been conducted by NCHS to know how your job affects exercise!

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Recommended exercise is 150 mins of moderate physical activity or 75 mins of vigorous physical activity each week. It does not stop here, you need to do some weight training to strengthen your muscles on some days of the week. This exercise recommendation is for both at work and after work. However, with our desk jobs these days, people are not getting to do enough physical activity at work. So, in the study, it has been analyzed how the job of people affected their amount of exercise during off hours.

What the study found?

According to the study, 43% of the employed adults were not getting the recommended amount of exercise. People having jobs in the production line that has more o physical labour, exercised less in their leisure time when compared to those who had office based, managerial jobs. 51% of the people having production jobs failed in meeting the exercise recommendations whereas the percentage was only 30% for those with managerial and office jobs. This directly means that people with sedentary jobs had the highest amount of recreational physical activity!

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Role of education!

Education was an important factor in the link between physical activity and jobs. People with higher educational qualifications exercised more. That is higher the qualification, more the chances of meeting the exercise requirements. Even people in production jobs having higher degrees, tended to work out more during leisure hours. Education is beyond grades, it is social capital. Education represents access to information and how it is used to make lifestyle choices.

It is likely that higher education helped individuals in learning more about the health benefits offered by exercise. They also have more resources to stay physically active while not working.

In the study it was not investigated whether people smoked or how their diet was. But the researchers feel that education has an influence on that as well.

The study also did not focus on how much activity or exercise the people were getting while at work. Hence, it is possible that in production jobs individuals got physical activity during work hours and thus exercised less when free. People in managerial jobs who have a sedentary lifestyle might have been doing just the opposite of what the production fellows did.

It is great news that people with sedentary jobs are moving around when they are free. More and more studies are confirming the dangers of sitting down for too long. They say that sitting increases the risk of cancer, obesity, disability and heart disease. According to the study by NCHS, people having sedentary jobs are getting the right message and exercising enough during their leisure hours. Whether working out on weekends is enough can be the subject of further studies.

The message is clear. GET MOVING!

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