How Your Office Harms Your Health?

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How Your Office Harms Your Health?

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Yes, stress at work is ruining your health but you must also be aware of how the environment of the office could harm you. According to recent study done, common office conditions are as damaging to you as passive smoking!

Here are top ways your office environment messes up with your health.

1) Air conditioning

How Air conditioner is bad for you

You reach office in normal wear during summers but immediately put on your jersey and sweater due to the blasting cold air conditioning in the office :P. Too much cooling can affect your health as your body will not operate at the optimal temperature. Studies say that office goers working in chilly cubicles are more likely to end up with unseasonable cold. You need to keep your neck, and shoulders warm with a thick scarf. Consider placing a heater close to you 😛 if allowed!

2) Male co-workers

A study has found that females working in a male-dominated office had more social and interpersonal stress and their levels of cortisol soared when compared to women working in offices that had the same number of males and females. Cortisol can cause imbalance in blood sugar, fertility issues and weight gain. If you are stuck in a boys’ team then you need to take meditation breaks to keep the levels of cortisol low.

3) Job insecurity

As the times are progressing, job security is becoming rare as more people are choosing non-traditional careers and are choosing freelance options. However, this creative freedom comes with a price tag. A study says that job insecurity is linked with a higher risk of heart disease. As the adverse health effects are due to economic worries, you need to make a safety net and probably a safety plan if you happen to be in an unstable field.

4) A demanding boss

Your demanding boss can drive you crazy. Research says that people in a demanding office environment were 35% more likely to have increased stress levels and illnesses. Keep your cool under pressure by 5 min meditation breaks each hour.

5) Long working hours

sleepy at work - Best Ways To Stay Awake During The Day

Long working hours not just kill your social life but have a detrimental effect on your health. It has been found that consistent overtime raised the mortality rates of employees by 20 percent. You shouldn’t mess up with your work-life balance. Have a real dinner and spend some me time before going to bed.

6) Open office plan

Open offices have gained popularity but they effect the health of the employees. There is a constant exposure to low-level noise and this raises the employee’s adrenaline levels, this in turn triggers high blood pressure. If you are in an open office, simply get a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

7) Sedentary lifestyle

Sitting is the new smoking! Studies show that sitting all day long can lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and also early death. You can’t cover it up by working out at the gym later. Sitting all day long isn’t good for you. You need to reduce the sitting time by getting up from your seat and walking around the offices once in 20 minutes.

8) Computer screen

Woman on laptop-Losing Weight When Genes Work Against You

You spend a huge part of the day staring at the screen. Research says that it results in dry eyes, eye strain, neck and back pain along with headaches. Try meeting people face to face instead of a virtual meeting. Follow the 20-20-20 rule of looking at something 20 feet away for about 20 secs every 20 mins.

9) Stale air

The air you breathe in the office can be questionable. There can be mould in the building if it is old. Even new buildings can have harmful particles from the ink used in laser printers. The way out is to purify your work space by having a small plant on your table. You can even place a fan if you are too close to the printer.

Do you feel that your office environment isn’t healthy? Share with us!

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