How Zarine Khan Lost Weight For Hate Story 3?


How Zarine Khan Lost Weight For Hate Story 3?

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Zarine Khan looks dead drop gorgeous in the upcoming movie Hate Story 3. She has some intimate scenes in the movie and therefore is leaving no stones upturned to look absolutely fit!

zarine khan weightloss hate story 3

She did her debut in the film ‘Veer’ in 2010 and her weight became a huge issue in the film industry. Yes the girl with the rather over full figure became a hot topic of discussion. However, when ‘Ready’ was released and she did an item no in it, she again became the talk of town but this time for her weight loss.

Zarine Khan Weight Loss

With hardwork and dedication, the actress got rid of her excess weight and stunned her critics. According to Zarine, she does not believe in the size zero look and a woman should look like one. She also added that she can’t get down to size zero as she is a Pathan. Zarine has lost weight not once but twice! The first time being the initial years of her career and recently once more. For her upcoming movie Hate Story 3 she has worked really hard to maintain a sizzling figure!

Let us find out how Zarine managed to become so fit for her movie Hate Story 3

Zarine’s workout plan

Zarine Khan working out

She had an awesome figure in Housefull 2 but she worked really hard for it. The credit goes to her gym instructor Yasmin Karachiwala who is a favourite amongst film stars. Zarine’s weight loss routine involves the following exercises:

She ideally begins the day with an hour long Pilates session. It was a bit challenging initially but slowly she has started enjoying it. In order to improve her metabolic rate, she ensures that she swims or jogs at least once a day. Her instructor asks her to do weight training at least thrice a week.

Zarine finds doing the same cardio exercise every day quite boring. So, her cardio exercises are changed often. She also does Yoga and has claimed that it has helped in revamping her silhouette and transforming her body. Yoga has given her toned body, she says. She loves doing it so much because it doesn’t have any time restraints and requires no equipment.

Zarine’s diet plan

According to Zarine, one shouldn’t starve for weight loss but should eat everything in moderation. She loves eating and doesn’t like denying her body of anything. However, she sticks to a high protein diet that includes a lot of fresh veggies and juices. Zarine drinks a lot of water too to herself hydrated. She aims at making fitness a part of her life. Here is what she eats:


For breakfast she has two egg whites, a brown toast along with a bowl of fruits and sprouts


For lunch she likes having brown rice, stir-fried veggies and grilled chicken.


Dinner comprises of a plate of salad, boiled veggies, brown rice and grilled chicken again.


Zarine loves munching on to something and sprouts and clear soups make great snacks. She has swapped all her beverages with coconut water because of the health benefits it has to offer. Water- the perfect zero calorie drink is also consumed in adequate amounts by her. In order to stick to her weight loss goals, Zarine Khan has stopped consuming fried food and sweet dishes. It is a big NO for both the foods! I call that real self-control!

zarine khan weight loss

Inspiring, right? Do you too wish to lose weight the way Zarine did?

Stay fit!



Wasn’t it great to know about Zarine Khan’s fitness and diet secrets?

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