Hrithik Roshan’s 12 Week Dramatic Transformation


Hrithik Roshan’s 12 Week Dramatic Transformation

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Love Hrithik’s abs? Is it a resounding yes? He is got a mind blowing body. Do you wonder how Hrithik Roshan maintains a sculpted body? The Greek God has sought help from his fitness trainer Kris Gethin to make that possible.

How Kris Gethin transformed Hrithik’s body, is included in his book The Guide to Your Best Body. It is called a 12-week Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP).

Hrithik's 12 week transformation 3

Hrithik’s body was transformed 10 weeks though his transformation was meant for 12 weeks (Smart guy did it before time 😉 ). At the end of the 10 week training Hrithik’s waist came down to 30 inches from 36 ½ inches. He lost 10 kilos. What excellent results! This is pure hardwork and dedication! Kris Gethin felt that working with Hrithik was easy for him as he is a very easy person. He is totally committed and gives his 110% to whatever he does.

Hrithik’s diet

Let me give you glimpse of his diet during his transformation

His daily meals were increased from 3 to 8 so that he had sufficient energy to bear the tough workouts regimes.

During the transformation, he had 100 g of meat along with fibrous carbs that included broccoli, sprouts and spinach. He had a cup of rice and pasta. These were the staple foods during his transformation.

His protein came from

His complex carbs came from

He had several supplements too before and after workouts, in the morning and before going to bed. The supplements have really worked well for him.

Hrithik’s exercise regime

Hrithik's 12 week transformation 2

He did 20 minutes of cardio post breakfast and again in the evening. He chose his cardio from among swimming, beach walking, cross fit, running and other cardio machines.

As he had suffered from injuries (Slip disc and knee injury), his workouts were designed keeping them in mind. He was made to do a lot of Cross-Fit and functional training. Each day there was a focus on different parts of his body.

Kris Gethin’s book has Hrithik’s twelve week training regime, with a nutrition plan along. Kris says that one need not stop eating Indian food to follow his plan. The restriction is on fried foods, starchy carbohydrates and fatty stuff. He does not want people to cut off carbs completely but they should control portions. Instead of having 3 meals he wants people to split them into smaller but frequent meals. To get a good body one has to balance carbs and proteins well. Even vegetarians can follow his diet. They can get their proteins from foods such as paneer, soy, tofu and whey protein powder. He feels that there is not a vast difference between a vegetarian diet and a non-vegetarian diet. The rules that apply for a non-veg diet apply for a veg diet too. To get good results smart eating is essential.

Hrithik's 12 week transformation

The transformation is more of a lifestyle change for Hrithik. He has made eating healthy and tasty food a part of his life. He revealed that after his transformation he has been having pancakes with a sugar free syrup that is prepared with a protein powder ;), he says that it tastes heavenly. He enjoys banana split with yoghurt and protein powder. The list can go on. Healthy food need not be boring! He is eating 7 egg whites with 2 yolks and two toasts. He says that it isn’t like a diet at all! It is just amazing.

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