7 Human Defences That Are Gifts Of Nature

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Human Defences That Are Gifted By Nature

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Ever wondered why you blush or get goosebumps? These are actually defences bestowed upon us by nature. Have a look at the human defences that are gifts of nature.

1) Blushing

Someone asks you about your wedding and you start blushing. Well, everyone blushes. Psychologists are of the opinion that blushing is a product of social interaction and communication with other individuals. It is signal to the other person that we are upset or are embarrassed and it would be wiser to leave us alone. Do think about this before you make someone blush!

2) Goosebumps

Whether you like them or not, those seemingly funny bumps you get when you feel cold are actually good for you. They tend to heat us up real quick and have been around from the days when we used to walk on four legs and had fur all over our body. Goosebumps are caused by the contraction of muscles and allow hairier individuals to retain heat.

3) Sneezing

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Mucus is known to be a great barrier against viruses that try to enter our body through airways but its sneezing is its side-kick which gets rid of the germs for good. You must note that humans don’t sneeze only when they have a cold. Sneezing is body’s way of combating allergens.

4) Adrenaline rush

When do you feel an adrenaline rush? When you have broken someone’s window with your cricket ball or when you hear the roar of the lion in the jungle? Your heart starts racing, legs feel wobbly and you become cautious of things around you, one question comes in your mind- to fight or take flight? This is nature’s way of keeping us alive in threatening situations. Without this mechanism many of us would not have survived!

5) Sweating

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Sweating is the opposite of goosebumps. It makes you cool and also a little stinky :P. Sweating is essential or you would suffer from a heatstroke and die on a hot summer day. Are you aware of the fact that you have 2 million sweat glands in your body?

6) Crying

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Have you ever felt that choking feeling when trying to hold onto your tears? How much ever you try, at times, tears have to come out. They not only moisten your eyeballs but also are a signal to your near and dear ones. Theoretically, crying was developed as a discreet signal to tell others that we are weak, this predators cannot pick up. Whatever be the reason, you would be surprised to know that we are the only beings on the planet with this behaviour.

7) Itching

Itching is something very common but it has been baffling scientists for long. It is a mysterious sensation for them and they call it a perception. Nerves in the skin tend to send signals to the brain saying that something isn’t right. The immediate desire is to scratch that part of the skin. It might bring you immense pleasure but it can also be the worst thing to do at times.

So, these were the 7 natural human defences that are part and parcel of our lives. The next time you have goosebumps, itching, or sweating remember this post 🙂

Hope this post was useful!

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