Hypospadias-Shocking Birth Defect In Males


Hypospadias-Shocking Birth Defect In Males

Hypospadias - A Birth disorder

Andy (name changed) is a lawyer by profession – confident, suave and a well-mannered man hailing from an affluent ‘lawyers’ background. He lives in a posh suburban locality in Chennai and seems to be a normal functioning citizen of the nation – not everyone knows there is a secret he is very discrete about – the humiliating genital defect, hypospadias.Yes, men have genitalia issues too, and sources say around 1 in every 300 of them have relationships gone sour or have been traumatised because of hypospadias.

 What is hypospadias?

The urethra — through which urine is expelled — emerges somewhere on the shaft or even the base of the penis, instead of at the tip. Sometimes the head of penis is tipped backwards, making it impossible to urinate standing. The condition is also linked with undescended testes, so sometimes the man is infertile.

Hypospadias is for real, and boys are humiliated and ridiculed over the condition when they find out what the other is going through. Sexual relationships take a beating; irrespective of their sexual orientation, say doctors. Sad part – the cause is not known yet, and can be hereditary too. Most men haven’t recognised the condition of hypospadias so far – parents wouldn’t take the initiative of seeking help as well – doctors thus are unaware of how to trace such inherent patterns. Numbers so far show a rise in hypospadias amongst healthy males across the globe, some experts blame the parents for not bringing it to their attention in time. Studies have also shown hypospadias to be ‘gender-benders’; bringing in the ‘female hormones’ used in the PILLS for expectant mothers, says sources (but not proved yet).

Child's penis with penis pointing up to show underside. Foreskin surrounding glans is hooded and drapes over tip of penis. Dimple in tip of penis. Three holes along underside of penis in center from glans to scrotum show possible sites of urethra opening.Corrective Surgery

For severe hypospadias, if the penis is completely fused to the human body, one would need a plastic surgeons help for correction. Once again, the surgery is not complication-free. A very well-informed and experienced urological surgeon would be able to best understand how to get the condition remedied.

In most cases, no matter how early the hypospadias condition is noticed, all isn’t well even though surgeries have been done on the male child. There are many male children till date who have undergone surgery and are still with the problem – hypospadias.

Across the world, there are special clinics and departments to monitor and study hypospadias – the surgeries and awareness of the same as well. This in fact is a wonderful way to drive home the message, and to do more work on surgical standards too. Men with hypospadias can get married but would have problems with sexual performances, say experts. It is not known yet (not all men are happy to speak about it openly), if those suffering from hypospadias are childless or not – because of their condition.

The hole underneath the penis or hypospadias has painful surgeries, some in the frequency of nine months each. Please understand, this is a post done through research and from material found online. It would be best to consult your doctor on further help and information. A urologists word on hypospadias would take precedence over what is written here any day.

Our aim is to bring to you news on health and fitness, and also on making you aware of conditions and ailments that exist, but wouldn’t be spoken about. Live happy folks, life is too short!

Hope you understand the seriousness of Hypospadias – A Birth Defect now.

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