Ice Cream Vs Frozen Dessert – The Difference


Ice Cream Vs Frozen Dessert

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You just bought a pack of your favourite ice cream only to discover later that a tiny label on it says that it is a frozen dessert! Yes, what you think is ice cream can be a frozen dessert! In India, currently, frozen dessert has captured 40 percent of the ice cream segment.

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Ice Cream Vs Frozen Dessert – The Difference

Now you may ask what the difference between ice cream and frozen dessert is. Well, frozen desserts are made using vegetable oil and it is often the kind of oil that you avoid in your daily diet. On the other hand, ice cream is made from dairy (milk and milk fat).

Ice Cream Vs Frozen Dessert – A comparison

Ice cream

It is labelled as ice cream on the carton

Ingredients: Water, milk, milk solids, sugar, permitted stabilizing and emulsifying agents. Contains added vanilla flavours (artificial flavouring substances).

Frozen dessert

The corner side of the outer carton says that it is a frozen dessert. The flavour is strawberry.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, milk solids, edible vegetable oil, liquid glucose, vegetable protein, emulsifier – 471, stabilizers – 410, 412, 407 Acidity regulator – 330. Contains permitted synthetic food colors and added flavors. Nature identical and artificial milk and strawberry flavouring substances.

The picture on the carton would make one think that it just ordinary ice cream but when you look for what it is, you may actually find ‘Frozen Dessert’ written in a smaller font.

According to the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), ice cream/kulfi or softy ice cream is defined as a product that is obtained by freezing a pasteurized mix made out of milk and/or products derived from milk or without adding nutritive sweetening agents, fruit and fruit products, eggs, etc.

On the other hands, a frozen dessert is obtained by freezing a pasteurized mix prepared with milk fat and/or edible vegetable oils and fat having a melting point of not more than 37.0 degree C in combination and milk protein alone or in combination/or vegetable protein products singly or in combination with the addition of nutritive sweetening agents.

Theory wise both the brands are correct and are not trying to mislead. There exist companies that make both ice cream and frozen desserts.

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Calorie point of view

A 100 g serving of ice cream has the following:

Energy – 217 KCal
Protein – 3.5 gm
Carbs – 21.5
Fat – 13
Calcium – 176 mg

A 100 g serving of frozen dessert has the following:

Energy – 200 KCal
Fat – 10.5
Carbs – 23
Protein – 4
Saturated fat – 5.8
Trans-fat – traces

Comparing nutritive value

The number of calories in ice cream and frozen dessert are almost the same. However, frozen dessert has traces of trans fat and saturated fat is 5.8. Trans fats are unhealthy and saturated fat hangs in between the good and bad! Trans fat leads to weight gain, heart diseases and raise cholesterol levels.

The Harvard Medical school guide says that there is no safe level when it comes to trans fats. So, from the nutritional point of view frozen desserts are unwelcome.

Keep your eyes open the next time you buy ice cream and check if it is actual ice cream or frozen dessert!


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