Ideal Eating Posture-Sitting on the floor


Ideal Eating Posture-Sitting on the floor

sit on the flour and eat

The Ideal Eating Posture- Sit on the floor

With tables and chair in the dining hall as a popular part of dining culture today, the traditional style of having food in India is now almost a ‘thing’ of bygone days. But in some households still this tradition continues either due to lack of space to accommodate a dining table and chairs or due to the sheer affinity towards old traditions.
These days we have our own comfortable ways of enjoying food such as sitting on bed or a couch with the plate in our hand and our eyes glued to the TV but the previous style of having food; i.e. sitting on floor, cross-legged, going into an asana posture popularly the half padmasana or sukhasana can benefit you in many ways. This style that our ancestors followed was actually a style that had many reasons to be followed. It is actually a food eating posture backed by scientific reasons. Let’s delve deeper into this topic:

Good for digestion

When you eat your food sitting on floor, you have to bend yourself to take the food and then become straight to start eating. This allows a direct passage between your mouth and stomach and the food easily follows its path. As you keep bending your body and straightening it continuously, it aids the digestion process. It releases hormones in the body which is good for easy digestion.

Lose weight while eating

sita nad eat

The sitting position helps your brain to calm down. Another benefit of this position is that it gives you a clear idea of how much full you are. The main reason of over eating is that people do not realise they have taken enough food. The position will let you know it easily. You eat slowly that enables you to realise the hunger as also your satiety. So if you don’t overeat you not gain extra pounds!

Reduces pain

sit and eat
This to and fro motion of the body works good as an exercise. While it is advised not to exercise while eating but this posture does it all. The flexibility of the body to bend helps in making you healthy as well as fit. Sitting on floor while eating thus makes you exercise and alleviates all aches and pains especially back pains

Mind and body

This position in yoga is used to meditate. It makes you concentrate on your food but the choices of food that’s healthy for the body. All the taste buds are active when you sit at this position. You are able to smell as well taste the food very well when you mind becomes relaxed. And we all know ‘Digestion begins in the mouth!”

Family ties

family talking  on floor ground
This posture will help the family to bond with each other well. The whole family having their food together sitting on floor have better chances of interaction because you feel as if you are having a happy camp fire or you are on some picnic trip

The posture of the body

sitting and eating on the floor
The posture is the key for healthy living. The backbone remains straight and it helps the body to remain erect and straight. In other words this particular style of eating food gives you the best posture.

Live long

This is eating posture is good for a long life as when you get up from the sitting position you do not get support from any object. You use the body itself to apply force to get up. The joints in knees and hip are used perfectly and it is well lubricated through this position. Bone disease like arthritis and backbone injury is to occur less if one maintains this position while eating.

Helps in circulation of blood

Many people sweat while having food. This is due to the fact that a lot of energy is required to digest food. But sitting at this position helps the flow of blood easily and increases the metabolism of the body. The heart pumps the blood very profoundly which lowers the risk of cases like heart attack while having food.

Are you going to try the ideal eating posture- sit on the floor ?

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