Importance of Food Scale For Weight Watchers


Importance of Food Scale For Weight Watchers

Food Scale For Weight WatchersWhen you are on a weight loss journey and want to shed those Kilos, stocking your shelves with healthy foods is half the battle won. You know you are doing every thing perfectly but get disturbed seeing no results. This is the moment when you have to reconsider your food choices as well as food portions. When you find yourself going overboard on your portions or your weight is creeping up, it’s easier to pull back right away than to let it get out of control. Now the million dollar question is how to do that. One is a Hand Diet (read review here) and other a kitchen weigh scale.

Why Food Scale is necessary?

Proper portions are central to weight control. Many people who shed kilos permanently are well aware of serving sizes. A food scale helps you control the servings of meat, poultry, seafood, and cheese and every thing else’s portions. To be precise a kitchen weigh scale comes handy to check portions of different ingredients varying in density and volume. If you are serious about your diet and serving sizes and calories then you must own a kitchen weigh scale. It is the best way to keep yourself honest is to your self.

food scaleSince day one I was very serious and sincere about my diet and food choices. For one whole month despite of being on a controlled diet when I didn’t lose weight then I analysed where I was going wrong. I was eating only three four fish fillets daily with salad then why my body wasn’t responding? The answer I got when one day suddenly while visiting a CSD I saw a kitchen weigh for sale in the display window. I bought it and started weighing my food portions….. now what I saw was a real surprise. My portions were almost double that what I was supposed to consume. That was the point when I began weighing each and every thing that went into my mouth. My food was no more dependent upon the untrustworthy Tbsps and Tsps or even Cups. My food scale taught me portion control and till date keeps me from eating more than required. The best part of a food scale is that it can be used for any meal plan or diet. A national survey of more than 6,000 adults showed that people who measured their food were more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who did not.

Food Scale For Calories Control

soehnle-kitchen-scaleA food scale is one of the most important diet tools when we don’t have a reliable way to weigh food, and wondering how many calories we are consuming as this knowledge is vital to our long-term weight loss goals. It is very easy to underestimate the grams of given food. The result of not knowing can be rather detrimental to our weight loss success and portion control. Thus, it is a wise thing to invest in a good food weight scale and must be considered a small investment for your long term health goals.

If we frequently use a food scale at home, then over the period we gradually become accustomed to the look and feel of correct serving sizes. Undoubtedly the exposure to correct serving sizes help people make better choices while eating outside also.

How to choose the best Food Scale?

Food scales can be seen in the form of a small plastic cup on a small plastic base to the good old-fashioned metal ones with weights and measures to expensive, programmable digital scales that can give you the full nutritional information for each of your serving size. But if you ask me the best food scale for you will be the one having all these attributes:

  • Within your budget
  • Has easily readable numbers
  • Has a cup or bowl large enough to hold the food you need to weigh
  • Is easy to clean and store

food scale simpleRemember your food scale is something to be used in the kitchen and not a decoration piece so wise would be to buy one that is not a very technical one and preferably should not be the electronic one. Chances of getting spoiled with water or humidity in the kitchen are always there. I will always recommend one of the cheaper kinds which can give you a general idea about the portion and not intimidate you.

Using a food scale, even if you ultimately stop using it, can help you learn more about correct serving sizes, which is a good investment in your long-term weight loss and weight management plan.


Are you going to buy a Food Scale to assist you in your weight loss journey?

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