Importance Of Visual Motivation For Weight Loss


Importance Of Visual Motivation For Weight Loss

triund at night

What do you think of this pic? This is my motivational pic these days. Surprised are you?? Okay, wait , I will explain this later but will just tell you that this is a mountain top in Himachal at night and this picture is real one of the night sky with stars. More of it later but now let me begin with a problem that I am fighting a lot of issues these days and one of the major issues is about motivation to lose weight. Of late, I have been trying very difficult to control my sweet cravings and am fighting myself real hard for it. So I thought of doing something about it and as a result, decided to google out the solution.

You know what, our brain is a very tricky thing. The proven fact about brain according to brain specialist Amy K. Hutchens, is that 99% of learning is done on a non-conscious level which means that vision dominates our brain activity and behaviors. So in simple straight words it means that what we see, determines how we act.

Thinking about this, I realised that we can use this visual power to our advantage to lose weight too. In fact what most of the women who were successful in losing loads of weight, said when asked about what motivated them the most during their weight loss journey, was the visuals of them as thin. It is really important to keep around you some interesting visual cues for a brighter chance of meeting your weight loss goals.

What are visual cues?

These visual cues can be a picture of what you want to look like or a poster of your favourite beach where you want to go and that too in perfect shape. It can be anything and here are a few examples of such cues which we can always adopt to keep ourselves motivated. Here is the first one-

visual motivation 1

You can use two glasses for this. put pebbles or may be plastic straws in the first glass which you can mark as ‘Weight to go’, now no prizes for guessing the total number of pebbles, marbles or straws, silly… it has to be the number of kilos or Lbs you wish to lose. Say I wish to lose 20 kilos then I will keep 20 pebbles or straws in

visual motivation 12

Say I wish to lose 20 kilos then I will keep 20 pebbles or straws in glass one and then as I keep losing weight I will keep shifting them to the other glass.

Here is another interesting one…

visual motivation 10

Visual cues as rewards

You can use visual cues as your rewards for losing weight. For example, a picture of your children running or playing outdoors and this will remind you that playing and running with them can be your reward for losing weight. Such images keep inspiring you whenever you feel demotivated, and believe me they can really influence your mind as they say,”Seeing is believing. Seeing is also achieving.”

Now this is also not a bad visual motivation – Keeping a smaller sized dress all the time in front of your eyes! What say?

visual motivation 5

This is one visual motivation idea that I have always loved , take a look….

visual motivation 8

Find your own motivation

motivation trek

” Take a look at these two picture…and that first picture of night sky… aren’t those beautiful?

Motivation Triund trek

Well, let me tell you this is a place called ‘Triund” near Dharmsala in Himachal Pradesh. This is a top of the mountain and I had been there trekking for the first time in my life as a college student. Now this is my visual motivation as I want to reach on top of this mountain and go much ahead to complete the whole trek route after another five years which I couldn’t complete 27 years back as I wasn’t that fit. Aah ! I still remember that starlit sky on top of Triund and infact want to enjoy that in an altogether different light in my fifties. By the way what is your motivation for weight loss? Have you ever thought? If not then this is the moment to think and look for a beautiful visual to keep in front of you all the time.

motivation find yours

And yes, before I go let me tell you that I found a very nice online program that asks for your present and desired vital stats and then converts it into a visual motivation image for you.

Till we meet again this is what I have to tell as the final words … think and act now.


Do you think there is an importance of  visual motivation for weight loss?

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