Ways To Increase Energy Levels

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How To Increase Energy Levels?

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Are you as energetic as your ancestors were in their prime? Perhaps no! The reason is our lifestyle and food habits.

Thanks to commercialized food processing a huge proportion of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients are destroyed. This is probably why we are seeing both obese and malnourished people for the first time in human history.

Talking about sleep, 135 years ago it was 9 hours a night on an average but today it has come down to 7 hours. It is a 30% reduction in sleep.

Here are ways to increase energy levels:

1) Feed your body right

no sugar please

Cut back on sugar. You must be aware of the fact that sugar is unhealthy and excess of it can cause many diseases. However, you can have dark chocolate in moderation as it is very healthy. Reduce processed stuff and slowly switch to whole grains and whole foods. You will be able to see the difference!

2) Move your body


Our bodies have a simple use it or lose it approach when you talk of efficiency. So, you need to exercise, preferably in the sunshine and ensure that you have fun. Even activities like going shopping can qualify as moderate exercise. If you can, buy a pedometer and aim to walk at least 10,000 steps each day. Start slowly and gradually increase your exercise session.

3)  Get enough sleep

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Sleep helps in replenishing the body’s energy and healing the muscles. If you have difficulty in falling asleep, read this – Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sleep.

Now there are some people who don’t have the time to sleep enough. If you are one among them, just make list of things that you don’t enjoy doing. For example, watching the news is a not so interesting thing for most people. Just turn it off! Then there are some meetings that you loath and are of no use. Stop attending them. You can use all that time saved for sleep. There is nothing like a night of restful sleep.

4) Follow your happiness

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If you are leading a life that you hate, do not expect too much of energy. Ask your body how it feels doing specific things. Make a list of things you do regularly with one column for the things you enjoy and another for the things that you hate doing. The items in the ‘feels bad’ column may have things that you have to do or else you will lose your job, keep doing them! Others that are not mandatory can be discontinued. Shift focus on things that make you feel good. You will be amazed with the results. Say no to things that make you feel bad. And stop thinking about pleasing everybody. You will lose your own happiness by doing so.

Hope the above piece of advice can help increase energy levels!

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