How To Increase Your Blood Glucose If It Drops Below Normal?


Ways To Increase Your Blood Glucose If It Drops Below Normal

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Diabetes is a very serious issue! Every 4th person I meet, especially those in their middle age, suffer from this health condition. What is more shocking is that young children are also developing the condition now. It may be considered to be a lifestyle disease but it should not be taken lightly. Life for diabetics is never easy. They have to fight a daily battle with themselves every single day. You cannot do anything after you get the disease but you can do a lot to prevent yourself from ending up with it. Lifestyle changes right from an early age can help prevent diabetes.

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Are you a diabetic? Do consume insulin and diabetes medicines? Then, what do you do when your blood sugar level falls below 80mg/dl? Well, your doctor would have advised you that instead of panicking you should eat foods that are rich in simple sugars so that your glucose levels go back to normal quickly and naturally.

How To Increase Your Blood Glucose If It Drops Below Normal?

Here are 5 ways to increase your blood sugar levels at home:

1) Sugar

sugar craving

While diabetics are not allowed to take sugar otherwise, they are asked to eat sugar when they have a crash in their blood glucose levels. You can directly have a teaspoon of sugar or mix it in half a glass of water and drink up the sugar solution. This will give you an instead result. Remember not to add salt to the solution.

2) Sweetened beverages

Flavoured milk List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar

Usually sugar loaded beverages are a complete no-no for diabetics, it can be a saviour when the blood glucose level reduces down to below 80 mg/dl. Keep packaged sweetened beverages at home and whenever your blood glucose drops down, just drink some of it for quick relief.

3) Fruit juices

pineapple-juice-to treat constipation

Drinking fruit juices is another way to increase your blood glucose levels. Just add in a teaspoon of sugar to the fruit juice so that you are able to bring your blood glucose under control faster.

4) Honey and sugar

Honey benefits nutrition facts

Mixing honey and sugar and having a tablespoon of it can ensure an increase in your blood glucose level. The sugar helps in providing you with instant energy and glucose, the honey has an additive effect.

5) Raisins

raisins-is dried fruit good for health

If you feel that your blood glucose has dropped, you can eat a handful or more of raisins to bring it back to normal. Eating biscuits and chocolates is also an option but they do not have simple sugars in them and thus cannot provide you with the instant glucose boost you need the most. Eating raisins with sugar solution is a great way to bring blood glucose level back to normal.

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