Why India Must Become Wholly Organic Country?


India Must Become Wholly Organic Country – Why?

In the year 2014, the entire world was speculating about Bhutan becoming the world’s first wholly organic nation. Needless to say going fully organic for a county is not an easy thing, it’s an ambitious goal that needs commitment for decades. India is way behind in terms of going organic. Do we love pesticides a lot 😛 ? May be not!

Sikkim recently became India’s first organic state. Check it out here. This did not become overnight, it took 12 years to gradually convert 75,000 hectares of agricultural land to certified organic land.  Other states MUST follow Sikkim and focus on going organic way. It is high time that India must become wholly organic country.

India Must Become Wholly Organic Country
India Must Become Wholly Organic Country

Reasons Why India Must Become Wholly Organic Country

We are what we eat, our energy comes from the food that we eat! Obviously the food that we eat today is loaded with chemicals and pesticides. I don’t think a person can be physically and spiritually well eating chemical laden food.

Moreover, chemical based farming comes at a cost! It costs not only our health and well being. It has serious repercussions on nature’s ecological balance. It hampers entire food chain right from insects to birds and animals followed by humans. Use of chemicals depletes soil fertility and contaminates water that goes back to the soil. This simply means that chemicals enter not only our food and body but our natural resources like water and soil too! Is it worth it? India has predominantly been an agricultural country known for cultivating the best of crops and exporting them. God only knows when we started using pesticides, hybrid seeds, and chemical fertilizers!

Organic food is the real food. It is the food which is fit for human consumption.

Growing organic food is better for farmers. It does not ruin their soil which is the source of their income. Organic food is expensive than chemically grown food, this gives an opportunity to earn more. A land where farmers commit suicide due to debt, growing organic is a great way to live life happily. Moreover, chemical based farming forces farmers to be in continuous contact with pesticides and other poisonous substances. This makes farmers vulnerable to respiratory issues and other major diseases like cancer.

Organic farming helps us to preserve our Environment for good! It also helps us protect our future generations. We pass poison to our upcoming generations by eating chemical laden, genetically modified food which is nothing less than poison. Will our future generation be healthy this way? Of course NOT.

Human body was never meant to digest chemicals, so why putting it in your bodies? It must be our earnest responsibility to demand organic food so that our government is forced to promote and implement Organic farming. This will not only improve farmers’ lives, it will improve every Indian’s health and life. After all health is everything, isn’t?

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