Indian Diet Breakfast Recipe-Rava Omelette


Indian Diet Breakfast Recipe-Rava Omelette

Hii All,

Well I would love to share my new experiment with Eggs, cheese, mushrooms and Rava.

It’s a low carb recipe, so feel free to enjoy it in moderation.. 😛

Its ideal for Breakfast, I prefer having it on Sundays after my long runs, which generally ranges anywhere between 10-15kms so I give myself the luxury to eat something yumazzing and thoda calories :). Also Sundays you have the luxury of time and you can enjoy the same with a warm glass of milk.

Well this is how the recipe for Rava Omelette goes.


2- 3 white eggs(or if you’re ok with egg yolks, it tastes much better with it)

Finely Chopped 4-5 button Mushrooms

1 small tomato

1- 2 cube of cheese (totally depends on you, you can do away with it also)

5 – 6 teaspoons of Rava

Few drops of Milk/water (depends)


– 1st melt 1 – 2 cube of cheese in microwave,

– Add the finely chopped mushrooms and tomatoes (you can add it raw, but if you prefer little cooked, just stir fry them for 10mins and let it cool down and add them to the mixture)

– Beat 2-3 white eggs

– Add 5-6 teaspoons of Rava.

– If you feel the mixture is too thick please add few spoons of milk/water and try making it a smoother paste.

This is how the paste should look.

Indian Diet Breakfast Recipe-Rava Omelette 1

Sorry for the bad quality of pic. 🙁

Add the above mixture in a frying pan, adding little bit of olive oil to cook it. Ensure you cook the same in low flame ( you wouldn’t want the outer layer to be thick and inside raw and slimy ), it takes minimum 20 mins to cook, as it needs to be completely cooked from inside out. Ensure it gets hard, that’s when you know it’s completely cooked.

This is how your final omelet will look. It’s a meal by itself; you don’t need to add bread or anything. Just add ketchup and binge. 😀

Indian Diet Breakfast Recipe-Rava Omelette 2

You can experiment the same with oats also, I have tried it, found it quiet tasty too. But with rava it becomes tastier.

I have friends who have experimented with various other ingredients like adding chicken and cheese (making it High protein) you can experiment with the veggies majorly.

My mother simply prefers the same just with onion and tomatoes.

Do give a try to this omelette as far as calories are concerned the approximate calories you consume is as follows.

2 eggs whites- 34 calories (7 gms proteins, Carbs 0)

Rava Flour- 150 calories (3 gms proteins, Carbs 35)

Amul Cheese 1- slice- 62 calories (4 gms protein, Carbs 0)

Mushrooms + Tomatoes- 50 calories (4 gms proteins, carbs 7)

So overall the approx. calories consumed comes up to around 300 calories. Depending on the preferences and the type of diet you follow you can change the ingredients.

Do try this and let me know what variations did your follow? And how did it finally taste.

How do you like your omelette??

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