Indian Diet Chart For Weight Loss-24 Kgs Down!


Indian Diet Chart For Weight Loss

By Arnab Basu

Check out my weight loss story

Inspiring Weight Loss Story

In continuation, my revised diet plan, which I am following till date, was all about starting the day with one litre of water in empty stomach. It helps in maintain your blood pressure and also boost your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Higher the BMR we have more we can burn calories in less effort. I know people with high BMR, who eat Biryiani and do not put on weight without working out for weeks. Anything more than 1700 Kcal of BMR is considered good. My new diet and work out plan, which I have been following since June, 2014, helped me in increasing my BMR from 1500 to 1600.

My current diet plan includes six meals a day.

  • 6-7 AM: Pre-breakfast: One fruit (Apple or Orange or Pineapple or Guava with 500 ml of organic juice or butter milk; better to avoid high calorie fruit like mango, sapota, banana, litchi etc.
  • By 8-8:30 AM: Breakfast: Carbohydrates – Idli or Dosa (oil free)or Upma
  • 11:00 AM: Mid-day meal: Protein – 250 gram Almonds or walnuts
  • 1-2 PM: Lunch: Two chapatis, lentil (Dal), Vegetables, curd
  • 7-8 PM: After 1-2 hours of work out – Dinner: 3-5 eggs (only white i.e., protein portion), one chapatti, boiled vegetables or green salads, boiled spinach or other leafy vegetables.

The work out plan now consists of weekly twice cardio (for 45 minutes) and abs exercise for 45 minutes. I still have a thin layer of fat in my lower abdomen and cutting that is my new target.

On other days (weekly thrice) I follow the same group of strength training exercises (chest & triceps, back & biceps and shoulder & legs) for 2 hours a day. Every weekend, morning 6 to 7:30, I do outdoor training to prepare for long distance run with my runners group at a nearby park.

The Wake up Call

Unhealthy food habit (I was voracious eaters of sweet, red meats, cheese and oily foods) and no physical activity were the main reasons of gaining weight and losing fitness and that happened for me over a period of ten years. I didn’t have any control over my eating; I literally used to eat anything at any time. I got the wakeup call, when due to some unfortunate personal reasons I had to shift to a new city and start staying alone. It gave me more time to look at me in mirror, and I realized how ugly I look with all those extra flabs around my body. I am a consultant by profession and personality is an important aspect of my profession. So, an urge for improving personality was one of the triggers.

Another trigger, which was also important, living alone made me realize that there were no one around me to take care. When I realized that I am the only one to look after me, I started to take my fitness seriously and joined a fitness centre.

Key tips to someone trying to reach same goal:

1. Believe that you can do it…….remember your body does what your mind believes

2. Identify the right kind of physical activity what you enjoy to do and also suites you. It can be swimming, yoga, dancing, and any other outdoor sports. Going to gym is not the only way to reduce weight…… should be something what acts as stress buster for you.

3. Don’t go with the mind-set that for reducing weight you have to starve or eat tasteless food. Dieting does not mean that…it means changing food habit and you can find taste in nutritious food also. For example you can fill your stomach by fruit cakes or just by fruits…choice is yours…but the result will be seen by others.

4. Last but not the least….whatever you do…do diligently and with dedication…you will get result. I lost 6Kg after 30 days of work out and 24 Kg in 7 months.

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