Swati’s Weight Loss Story And Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Swati’s Weight Loss Story And Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Indian weight loss blog has been in quest of bringing motivational stories to you. We have done it earlier and here we bring to you weight loss story and Indian diet plan of Swati, who lost 17 kgs. in a short period of time.  Read Swati’s Weight Loss Story And Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss here.

Swati Swati's Weight Loss Story And Indian Diet Plan For Weight Losswas 120 kg and one fine day she decided to start running. As she herself puts it,”I know carrying 120kgs and running is a task, people would laugh whenever I would make any attempts to run, though I could run not more than 30 secs in start.”

Her diet was in 3 parts which she followed as below –

Swati’s weight loss, Indian diet plan

Day 1 and 2 (Mon-Tues)

Her weight loss indian diet plan began with the first two really tough days. Though according to her major weight loss happened during these 2 days. It happens with every one.

  • Day starts with 2 glasses of warm water (1 drop of lime juice) followed by Green tea or black tea with 1 drop of lime squeezed. (Detox)
  • 9am-Breakfast- Dudhi juice/Carrot juice/Tomato juice/Amla juice any one or mixed.
  • 12pm- lunch- salads/moong dal salad/ dal/soups.
  • 4pm-Buttermilk, fruits
  • Dinner 7pm- salads/moong dal salad/ dal/soups/curd , fruits.
  • 9pm- Milk.
  • (in between 1 must consume 3-4 liters of water, 2-3 cups of green tea and black tea and 2-3 fruits)

Day 3, 4, 5 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

  • Day starts with 2 glasses of warm water (1 drop of lime juice)
  • Followed by Green tea or black tea with 1 drop of lime squeezed
  • Followed by Dudhi/amla/tomato juice.
  • Breakfast- Oats, rawa upma, quinoa
  • 12pm lunch- Green leafy vegetable, masoor dal and 2-3 bajra/nachani/jowar roti(high fiber then normal wheat roti)
  • 4pm- buttermilk, fruits
  • Dinner 7pm- salads/moong dal salad/ dal/soups/curd , fruits
  • 9pm- Milk
  • (in between one has to consume 3-4 liters of water, 2-3 cups of green tea and black tea and 2-3 fruits)

Day 6, 7 (Sat-Sun)

  • Day starts with a glass of fruit juice
  • Breakfast- idli, dosa, poha, sandwiches (anything, just ensure that you limit the intake)
  • Either lunch or dinner can be anything you desire to eat, but whichever meal you chose to eat unhealthy, please ensure you compensate the other meal with 3-4 fruits and a glass of milk.

SOS (only when too hungry or dizzy with hunger)

Boil milk with 3-4 pieces of dry-fruits (almonds, raisins, walnuts, dates)

In this weight loss indian diet plan, Swati was required to eat more calories than this according to her weight so she would initially consume around 3000 calories. (Please note that this diet is around 1200-1500 calories if followed properly.)

Apart from this she consumed minimum 2-1/2 cup of milk, 2-3 dry fruits(almonds, raisins, walnuts) daily. Swati completely avoided sugar but used sugar substitute. Swati abstained from cheese and maida food products in the initial 3 months of her weight loss Indian diet plan.

Do’s and Don’ts of Swati’s weight loss Indian diet plan

Fruits to be avoided (purely from weight loss perspective) –

  • bananas,
  • chikoo,
  • custard apple,
  • mangoes.

With regards to multi-vitamins

Swati was recommended Shelcal-500 (calcium) and evion (Vitamin E).

The final tip of Swati’s weight loss Indian diet plan

This diet of Swati is most effective if clubbed with 90 mins of walking, Pranayam and yoga. Swati became a marathon runner but before that she used to run, walk and do power yoga. She  managed to lose 17 kgs in just 3 months.

The proud girl buzzes off saying, “It’s not about what you lose, it’s all about what you gain.”

Yes, Swati, we can understand the pride and confidence you must be experiencing after such a wonderful achievement.

We hope you will also follow this weight loss Indian diet plan and lose weight like Swati.


  1. well at that point, nothing else seemed a better option. just a hope of better me kept me going. 🙂

  2. seriously u have great guts as it is really difficult for me to follow it, but then the results are so promising 🙂

  3. Am SPELLBOUND… really somebody can live on this… no wonder I am fat….

    Kudos to your courage…

  4. what happens when you get back to your normal diet? usually you gain at double speed. what about this one?

  5. :s so difficult to follow. . But hats off … you are awesome. .. imagine that if you staying in my city..so I can always work out with.. so I can lose atleast half of your weight. :p.. but I will try to follow this diet as possible as can after joining gym. 😀

  6. Its a viscous circle.. d moment u start seeing result. . U start getting more strict wit it..and following 2 d core.. in the end its all worth it..

  7. Well lik I was mentally prepared by my dietitian its not a diet its a lifestyle. I knew I hv 2 follow it lifetime..its been now 17mnths n I have been following it with few changes here and there.. once I reach my ideal weight I will hv 2 maintain. . Since I run marathons I burn a lot f calories. . Helping me 2 maintain at least not gain..

  8. Try it.. u will surprise urslf.. I used 2 eat more den 3000cal before and still be vry lazy.. now I consume half of it.. and work out double of wat I ever did..

  9. In d start evn I felt d same..bt initial phase is d toughest but once I crossed that phase my stomach got small..I wld eat even less den wat I ws askd..

  10. well u can eat on 2 days.. so it wont b that tough.. ensure that no chapati is cooked at all and no bread is bought in the house, that way its easier to resist. everybody in my house started following my diet. and everybody lost..though my mom and my brother were not fat but they lost 8 and 10-kgs respectively and now they are slim 🙂

  11. Girls , I have an idea. A lot of you have joined me on MFP , somehow I don’t get time to log each and everything, have been struggling with my macros, will start doing once I know I am doing it perfectly.

    If you girls want, I can put a page here “Tell Us What You Ate” . You can comment your meals and IWB gang will help you if you are struggling or doing something wrong. You can also ask doubts there. Since comments are open, a lot of people would be able to help.

    Let me know what you think 🙂 . I will be glad to help anyway possible.

  12. Swati..amazing girl…wish i have the will power like you….mong dal salad…does it mean full green mong or sprouted mong?

    Tarun – good idea..please start “Tell Us what you ate” post…

  13. hey Tarun would love something like that.. infact I too joined MFP. but not able to add friends ..
    tell me when will you be opening the new page

  14. you can use the Sugar substitute like sugar free, zero but its not healthy, it should be avoided as much as possible, try using jaggery instead.like my mother makes kheer for me with jaggery.

  15. Shrina, there is nothing right or wrong, you can do both or chose to do just either of it, whatever suits u. i had done intense gyming once and had lost a lot, but once i stopped i gained like crazzzyy.. that’s because weight training converts fats into muscles which weigh more and then when you start piling up again, you gain more. Also i would eat also a lot, as my appetite had increased post gyming. So there are various reasons, at the same time i have seen people not gain at all too..

  16. Avoid Tang, as its loaded with Sugar, but occasionally you can, rather opt for Fresh fruit juice or best our Nimbu pani with Salt and very little sugar..

  17. Hats off to you!
    Can you write a recipe for moong dal salad/soup you have on the first 2 days and how much (quantity per meal). What kind of fruit do you eat in these 2 days?

  18. I think that many of us make the mistake of treating this as a temporary diet to lose weight rather than lifestyle change. Now when i eat too much, i bloat and feel dull..I think full meals, 2 times a day, makes us lethargic with no metabolism..

    But thanks to blogs like this, we get to know so much and how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle.. Thanks Tarun, Kanan & Ana, I would have never looked same as i was in college, if i didnt follow you ppl..

    When everyone compliments me (some comments. those oldie aunties), i say thanks and feel on top of world and best part is i get to wear my favorite dresses..

  19. Hey Anjalee, you dont need to be sorry dear. I am touched with your comment 🙂 , thanks much !
    I hope that a lot of ladies would achieve health improvements and weight loss like you did. Only then IWB’s success will truly matter !

  20. ok Sonia. red chilly pickle right ? If it is readymade, dont have it. Most of the nutrition information mentioned especially about standard of oil and preservatives used … is deceiving.
    Most of the achaars actually are extremely unhealthy since we put a lot of salt and oil in them. You can have homemade achaar though since you know what kind of raw materials you are using.

    My mom prepares neembhu mirchi achaar which has no oil at all and its delicious. I can share the recipe with you if you want.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  21. Hey sonia u can get some raw mangoes cut them in slices.
    N sprinkle some chilly powder, turmeric powder n salt.
    Lethm marinade for 3 4 hrs or ovrnight.
    It will taste like pickle. Sour salty n hot

  22. Hey Swati!!
    Can u pls tell me how u mk jowar n bajra roti..every time I tk for lunch to office. .it gets too hard
    Do u mk a dough f these in some different way(milk etc) or just simply wid water??

  23. Hi can you please reply
    Can we eat bran or soya roti(rich in fibre) as it is difficult to find jowar in summers

  24. very informative!!

    Great post and the information that you have shared is really something that i was searching for quite long. Thanks for sharing…

  25. Hey Swati well done girl. I am 27yrs old & 95 kg right now with pcod & thyroid. & recently have rejected from a job just for my excess weight. I am heart broken right now. Love your story. Is this diet suitable for me?

  26. Thank you Swati for sharing these useful Tips to weight loss and diet plan. All these tips are very beneficial for me.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing quality information and all these useful tips with us. Surely i will follow all these tips and diet plan for my weight loss. Keep it up mam for sharing such type of quality information.

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