Why Is Indian Pickle Healthy?


Is Indian Pickle Healthy?

Indian Pickle Healthy

A daily Indian household is almost incomplete without its daily dose of pickles or achaar as we call it as an accompaniment with Roti (Indian bread) lentil soup & Indian curry. The health benefits of Indian pickle are plenty. The idea of pickling is to create an environment that is inhospitable to the microbes, which would normally cause food to decay. With a combination of salt, acid or fermentation with bacteria, sugar and spices are added to further pickle the process.

The original pickling has been a part of eating habits and way of life for every Indian household since thousands of years.The pickles were made at home in an extremely strenuous and a fine way since it could be stored for days and even a year. However it’s questionable whether commercially prepared pickled vegetables offer such health benefits, today. Eating pickles in moderate volume doesn’t cause any harm but if taken in regularly and in every meal it may cause harm. Is Indian pickle healthy? Let’s find out more!

The concept – Pickled vegetables

Bamboo_Shoot_Pickle Top Health Benefits Of Bamboo Shoots

Pickling is common around the world. While in UK, cucumber, beetroot are served with cold meats; in China it includes radish or Chinese cabbage etc. Even Koreans recognize Kimchi as a good source of Vitamin B12.

  • While making pickles it’s wiser to use fewer quantities of oil, salt & sugar and neutralize it with fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Mixed vegetable pickle is good in winter months. It is an assortment of fresh winter vegetables, fresh green garlic in tangy mustard flavored water and special winter carrots to that give the water a rich color
  • Instant lemon pickle – Lemon has its own health benefits and helps in digestion. Lemon pickle consists of castor sugar, less oil and minimal salt. The pickle can be refrigerated for almost 3 months

Indian Pickle Healthy

The Health benefits of Indian pickle

  • The Indian pickle serve as a health booster as the spices act therapeutic and helps in replenishing the sodium levels in your body and are rich in others vitamins and minerals
  • Since vegetable are farmed in an organic way usually in India the health quotient is higher up for people who consume pickle in western countries
  • Pickles that have been fermented with salt encourage the growth of probiotics in your gut, improving your digestion
  • Home-made pickle is better as you can control the amount of oil and spices added to it. Try avoiding buying pickle as they have added preservatives and even if you buy it try and consume it soon
  • Pickles with vinegar boosts your immune system preventing a number of diseases
  • Pickles reduces joint pain
  • Pickles can be a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and many other useful nutrients, which are very necessary for body metabolism, depending upon the vegetables used in them
  • Pickles made from Indian gooseberries or Amla have certain properties that protect the liver or reduce the damage caused to the liver

A Tip to keep in mind – Pickle should be especially avoided by people who are obese and with high blood pressure as it has high salt content which increase BP and cholesterol levels. Try selecting pickles with vegetables like carrots, beet, Amla, etc. Opt for dry pickles rather than oily ones.

What do you say? Is Indian pickle healthy? Feel free to comment!

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