Famous Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers


Famous Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers State-wise

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Weight watchers constantly whine that they have to snack of boring stuff especially when it comes to street food. Allow me to introduce you to street foods state wise that are both healthy and yummy. Get ready for a gastronomical tour of the country! Some drool worthy Indian snacks for weight watchers are here!


peanut chaat, Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers

Who can ignore the lip-smacking street food of Mumbai! The choices for those on a diet are limited but you can still give to your friends and not be called a spoilsport. The famous and easy Maharashtrian snack ‘peanut chaat masala’ is really tasty. You can even make it at home. Just pressure cook peanuts with turmeric and salt, add chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, fresh chopped coriander, a dash of lime and some chaat masala. Voila! The tasty and healthy snack is ready!


Rassa omelet snacks for weight watchers, Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers

You simply can’t ignore the street carts in Goa. They make delicious Goan pav with bhaji. This may not be great for dieters but their other speciality ‘Rassa omelette’ cannot be missed.  It has a yummy and fluffy omelette made with onions, and tomatoes floating on chicken xacuti gravy. It is garnished with chopped coriander and served with chopped onions on the side. If you are a vegetarian, the chicken curry can be replaced with tomato curry too! Usually it has to be eaten with pav but if you are on a low carb diet, you can skip the pav.


steamed momos snacks for weight watchers, Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers

How many of you are fans of momos? Steamed momos are a great food choice for those who are dieting. You can have various fillings. If you happen to make it at home you can fill it with veggies like cabbage, spring onions or paneer, cheese and meat. It is served piping hot on the streets of many cities. Having momos with chili sauce and spicy tomato chutney is the best food for the monsoon.

Madhya Pradesh

Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss poha

Indore’s speciality dish is ‘bhutte ki khees’, which is made by freshly grated corn and green chillies, ginger and coconut. It is well garnished with leaves and spices. The much famous poha is another food that you should not miss. The Indori version of poha has fennel seeds in the tadka and is garnished with pomegranate seeds. Sev is added to it to make it crunchy bit as you are on a diet you can give it a miss.


Rajma chaat snacks for weight watchers, Indian Snacks For Weight Watchers

Punjabis are known to be big time foodies and lovers of desi ghee! Now how do you expect to get diet food here :P? You can try masala chana aloo chat with twist, and the twist is to give the aloo a miss. You can make the same chaat healthier by adding boiled rajma (kidney beans). Add chaat masala, a squirt of lemon, along with chopped tomatoes and onion.

Tamil Nadu

idli protein breakfast

The South of India is not behind when it comes to street food. There are dozens of yummy things. Sandwiches, typical south Indian ‘Parottas’ with ‘kurma’ and the like. Now, when you are on a diet, a safe bet is to stick to the more traditional idli sambar. Dunk steamed idlis into the piping hot sambar and enjoy. This will definitely not affect your diet.

Though I have not covered all the states, I just gave you a glimpse of what all healthy stuff you can get even when you are in a diet.

Keep eating healthy and enjoy!

Hope this post made you crave all the yummy Indian snacks for weight watchers.

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